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Raindrip 32-Plant Garden Drip Irrigation Watering Kit

SKU: 732389
UPC: 00018171002907
Easily connects to a faucet, garden hose, or Raindrip 1/2 In. poly hose. 50 Ft. of fully assembled Drip-A-Long. Built-in pressure compensating turbulent flow drippers spaced at 18 In. intervals. Waters up to 32 plants. Non-clogging, patented pressure compensating drippers maintain a constant flow rate of 1 GPH (gallons per hour) with pressure up to 60 psi (pounds per square inch). Expandable to 400 Ft. with less than 5% variation in dripper outflow.

Raindrip 20-Container Patio Drip Irrigation Watering Kit

SKU: 710282
UPC: 00018171500205
Automatic container and hanging basket kit. Ideal for containers and hanging baskets. 20 minute installation, no tools required. Waters up to 20 containers. Includes: (1) universal faucet timer, (2) barbed connectors, (2) elbows, (20) tees, (1) end clamp, 75 Ft. scetion of 1/4 In. pre-assembled tubing, (10) nails and clamps, (20) 1/2 GPH (gallons per hour) drippers, and (20) stakes for drippers. Requires (2) AA alkaline batteries, not included.

Rain Bird 75 Sq. Ft. Gardener's Drip Irrigation Watering Kit

SKU: 729277
UPC: 00077985002381
Gardener's drip kit, ideal for use in gardens and flowerbeds. Includes faucet connection kit, 1/2 In. emitter tubing, 1/2 In. tubing, 1/4 In. tubing fittings, and emitter tool. For applications up to 75 Sq. Ft.

Rain Bird 10-Planter Patio Drip Irrigation Watering Kit

SKU: 704205
UPC: 00077985004682
Patio plant watering kit. Produces longer lasting blooms, greener leaves. Eliminates watering by hand. Attaches easily to outdoor faucet. Waters up to 10 planters. Kit includes: (1) pressure regulator with 1/4 In. tubing adapter, (1) 25 Ft. section of 1/4 In. tubing, (10) 1/4 In. stakes with bug caps, (2) 1/4 In. barbed couplings, (10) tubing mounting clips, (5) 2GPH (gallons per hour) spot watering emitters, (8) 1/4 In. barbed tees, (5) 1GPH spot watering emitters.

Rain Bird Pop-Up To 6-Spot Watering Emitters Drip Irrigation Conversion Kit (15-Piece)

SKU: 764470
UPC: 00077985012557
1800 Series pop-up to 6 drip emitters with 1/4-inch tubing. Kit converts underground sprinklers in landscaped areas to water-saving drip irrigation emitters. Easily installed in minutes, this kit waters flower beds, shrubs, and more with pinpoint efficiency. All-in-one unit provides 30 psi (pounds per square inch) pressure regulation, and 200-mesh filter screen for optimal drip system performance. Saving up to 40% over sprinkler watering, drip systems apply water directly to the root zone for healthier, faster-growing plants, longer lasting blooms, and greener leaves. Since you won't be watering the surrounding soil, you'll also have fewer weeds to pull. Each retro-fit conversion head will replace pop-up sprinklers with a 1/2-inch threaded bottom inlet. Dig out old sprinkler and thread on retro-fit assembly; flush system to remove any debris before adding tubing or emitters. Each kit contains (1) pressure-compensating 6-outlet manifold, (1) 1800 retro-fit spray head with filter and pressure regulator, (1) 50-foot roll of 1/4-inch drip distribution tubing; (6) stakes to hold tubing and direct the flow at each plant (3) 1.0 gallon per hour black emitters, (3) 2.0 gallon per hour red emitters. You can cap off any additional unused spray heads using Rain Birds model 1800CAPS (sold separately).

Rain Bird Pop-Up To 6-Outlet Drip Irrigation Conversion Kit

SKU: 704565
UPC: 00077985038496
Drip irrigation conversion kit. Contains everything needed to convert an 1800 series pop-up spray head into a water saving drip system. Ideal for watering flower beds, shrubs, and more. Provides pinpoint efficiency. Easily installed in 15 minutes. Includes: (1) pressure compensating 6-outlet manifold, (1) 1800 retro spray head with filter and pressure regulator, (1) 50 Ft. section of 1/4 In. distribution tubing, (6) bug caps that allow flow while preventing insects from entering, and (6) stakes to direct the flow at each plant.

Rain Bird Landscape & Garden Drip Irrigation Watering Kit (108-Piece)

SKU: 764632
UPC: 00077985078034
Drip irrigation landscape & garden watering kit with drippers, micro-bubblers, and micro-sprays. This 108-piece drip irrigation starter kit contains everything needed to water a garden or landscaped area with up to 80% water savings. Drip irrigation also provides more consistent growth, better vegetable yields and resistance to disease. Simply run 1/2-inch tubing from an outside faucet to your planting area then connect drippers, micro-bubblers or micro-sprays using 1/4-inch tubing and fittings as needed. Attaches easily to an outside faucet or hose with included connections to regulate pressure, prevent back flow, and filter sediment. Includes drippers and 1/4-inch tubing for spot watering of individual plants; micro-sprays and bubblers for widely spaced plants. Patented, clog-resistant watering devices provide even, reliable watering with zero maintenance. Pressure-compensating technology ensures all plants receive the same amount of water regardless of their position along the tubing run. Professional-grade tubing features industry leading flexibility for tighter turns with fewer elbows providing fast, easy installation plus unmatched resistance to chemicals, algae growth and UV damage. Tubing's unique micro-porous construction expands over fittings then shrinks to create ultra-tight connections that are virtually impossible to remove without cutting. One-step patented emitter installation/removal tool speeds up insertion and removal of barbed fittings and drippers. Each kit contains: (1) 25 psi pressure regulator, (1) backflow preventer, (1) 3/4 to 1/2 adapter, (1) roll 50 x 1/2 x .700 ID tubing, (1) roll 50 x 1/4 tubing, (2) 1/2 barbed couplings, (6) 1/2 barbed tees, (2) 1/2 barbed elbows, (2) 1/2 end closures, (10) galvanized metal stakes, (20) 1/4 barbed couplings, (2) 1/4 barbed tees, (2) 1/4 barbed elbows, (10) 1/4 tubing plugs, (20) 1/4 tubing stakes w/ bug caps, (10) 1.0 gallon-per-hour drippers, (10) 2.0 gallon-per-hour drippers, (2) 360 staked micro-bubblers, (2) 180 staked riser micro-sprays, (2) 360 staked riser micro-sprays, (1) emitter installation/removal tool, and complete instructions.
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