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Zircon Leak Alert Electronic Water Detector

SKU: 420824
UPC: 00042186850086
Unit can be placed anywhere the potential for flooding or leaking exists: Under sink, near water heater, in basement, etc. Loud alarm (95 dB) sounds with direct water contact. Floats and signals for up to 72 hours. Fully automatic operation - no wiring required. Low battery indicator for optimum safety and performance. Works on a 9V battery (not included).

Honeywell Home Wi-Fi Water Leak & Freeze Detector

SKU: 404408
UPC: 00085267719605
Wi-Fi water leak detector sends alerts by text and email. Also has an audible alarm. Geofencing technology can tell who's nearest, and sends an "all clear" when the problem has been resolved. Does not need a separate hub or base station. A 5 Ft. extension sensor (sold separately) senses temperature and humidity. Monitoring home humidity levels can assist in alerting homeowner of potential mold formation in the home. Install water leak detection systems on major appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines or hot water heaters to monitor leaks. Detector is reusable. Cold-Alert detection. Easy to install.

Guardian Leak and Flood Prevention Water Detector Kit

SKU: 405320
UPC: 00785014017205
Save thousands of dollars in water damage by using the Guardian Leak Prevention Kit. Install the valve controller over existing metal quarter-turn ball valve (from 1/2 In. to 1 In.) in minutes without any tools or pipe cutting, and place the leak detectors near appliances and fixtures that might leak. The moment the leak detectors sense water, extreme cold, or an earthquake, they will automatically shut off the water main to prevent further damage. A notification will be sent to the phone via the Guardian App. The valve controller has an optional battery back up and works without the internet so the home will be protected even without electricity or internet service. The wireless leak detectors can be placed up to a thousand feet away from the valve controller, to cover even the largest homes, and their batteries can last for up to fifteen years. The valve controller will test the valve every week to make sure it is working properly during an emergency, and will alert the phone if anything goes wrong. Use the free iOS and Android App to configure the system and monitor or control it from anywhere in the world with no monthly fees, dedicated hubs, or other equipment. For indoor use only. Kit includes 1 valve controller, 3 leak detectors, 2 remote sensor probes, AC adapter with 10 Ft. cord, setup guide. 1 year limited warranty.

Guardian Leak and Water Detector

SKU: 405326
UPC: 00785014017229
Place the Guardian Water Leak Detector near any appliance or fixture that may leak. Examples include toilets, water heaters, washing machines, sewage backup, HVAC systems, sinks and sink drains, and frozen pipes. The moment the detector senses water, extreme cold, or earthquake, a phone notification via the Guardian App (only works with the Guardian Valve Controller). The wireless Leak Detector can be placed up to a thousand feet away from the Guardian Valve Controller (sold separately) to cover even the largest homes. Batteries can last for up to fifteen years. Over a hundred additional Leak Detectors can be added to the system to protect properties of any size. Use the free iOS and Android app to configure the system and monitor or control from anywhere in the world (no monthly fees, dedicated hubs, or other equipment). For indoor use only. Includes 1 leak detector, 1 battery, setup guide. Minimum requirements are Guardian Valve Controller, IOS or Android smartphone with Bluetooth and Internet access (for set up only), WiFi with Internet access (for remote control and notifications only). 1 year limited warranty.
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