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Shur-Line Wallcovering Smoother & Straight Edge

SKU: 786768
UPC: 00022384102507
Perfect for smoothing vinyl paper, contact paper, trimming at ceilings, wood work, and baseboards.

Allway 1-1/4 In. Seam Roller

SKU: 773381
UPC: 00037064100179
The Seam Roller can be used to smooth and seal wallpaper seams and edges, as well as corners. The 1-1/4 In. hardwood roller is mounted on a Celcon plastic handle.

Allway Razor Knife

SKU: 772907
UPC: 00037064100193
Make clean, steady cuts of all wallcovering, shelf or packaging paper with the Wallpaper Razor Knife. The large Celcon plastic handle fits comfortably in the hand, providing extra leverage and control. The single edge blade is reversible for safety and can be replaced when necessary. The knife features an easy, click-to-open, click-to-close blade change capability. The knife can also be used to open packages, carve models and trim carpet and other materials.

Allway 8 In. Plastic Smoothing Tool

SKU: 776896
UPC: 00037064101107
The flexible, high-impact polyethylene plastic Wallcovering Spreader Tool can be used for smoothing all weights of vinyl or paper wallcoverings, as well as window film and borders. The 8 In. smoother helps to eliminate air bubbles and imperfections in the wallcovering while pasting. It can also be used to spread tape compound and spackle and as a trim guide and paint shield.

Allway 6 In. Pasting Brush

SKU: 774294
UPC: 00037064140304
The Paste Brush is designed to effectively and quickly apply wallpaper adhesives, both ready-mixed and dry. The 6 In. brush has a comfortable soft grip handle, polypropylene bristles and can be cleaned for reuse.

Allway 12 In. Paper Hanging Brush

SKU: 789178
UPC: 00037064140403
The Wallpaper Smoother has long polypropylene bristles designed for softer wallpapers while still providing enough stiffness for smoothing. The 12 In. structural foam handle has a soft grip for added comfort. The rounded ends prevent tearing or nicking of the wallcovering.

Allway 12 In. Vinyl Smoother

SKU: 770099
UPC: 00037064140502
The Vinyl Smoother is designed for applying vinyl plastic wallcoverings. The 12 In. structural foam handle has a soft grip for added comfort. The heavy filling and short trim of the stiff polypropylene bristles press wallcovering tightly and evenly against the surface being covered. The rounded ends prevent tearing or nicking of the wallcovering.

Allway Wallcovering Perforating Tool

SKU: 772145
UPC: 00037064213190
The Wallpaper Perforating Tool can be used to score and perforate wallpaper for easier removal. Apply gentle pressure to score wallpaper with a rotary motion, spray warm water or chemical remover to the perforated wallpaper, wait a few minutes and then use a wallpaper stripper to remove wet paper.

Zinsser Dif Paper Scraper Wallpaper Remover Tool

SKU: 790148
UPC: 00047719029861
The Paper Scraper is especially designed to aid in the removal of wallcovering and residual paste after DIF wallpaper remover has been applied. Paper Scraper is fast and easy-to-use. Just hold paper scraper against the wall and begin scraping. The scraper blade is fixed at the precise angle needed for the greatest scraping effectiveness and eliminates any chance of accidentally gouging the wall by twisting the blade. The Paper Scraper non-razor and safety blade is also easily removable for cleaning.

Standard Weight 31-1/2 In. Wallpaper Tray

SKU: 774736
UPC: 00084305350305
Wets an entire strip of pre-pasted wallpaper in seconds. Molded-in handles make it easy to carry when full of water. Self stacking, made of .050 thick polystyrene plastic. Ideal for use indoors or out for seedling planters.
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