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Bosch Digital Multi-Scanner Stud Finder

SKU: 300139
UPC: 00000346423228
Detects wood studs, metal objects (rebar, steel/copper pipes) and live wiring. Illuminated graphical LCD (liquid crystal display) indicates mode, detection strength, and more. Deep metal detection capability detects steel up to 4-3/4" deep in cured concrete. Automatic center finder for locating center of detected wood or metal object. 3 selection modes (wood, metal, AC (alternating current) wiring) with automatic calibration for easy and precise detection. Audible detection signal with on/off button. Ergonomic soft grip for secure grip and comfort. Illuminated ring indicates detection status. 14 F (degree Fahrenheit) to -10 C (degree Celsius) operating temperature. Max detection depth: copper wiring 2", ferrous metals 4-3/4", non-ferrous metal 3-1/8", wood 1-1/2". Includes (1) 9V (volt) battery, hand strap.

Do it Best Nonmagnetic Stud Finder

SKU: 322181
UPC: 00009326321608
Nonmagnetic tool measures wall density. Stud sensor finds both wood and metal studs. Locates center of studs with light indicator. Uses 9V battery (not included).

Do it Best SpotLite Stud Finder Pro

SKU: 322190
UPC: 00009326321615
Nonmagnetic tool measures wall density. SpotLite pointing system locates edges of studs with bright beam and sound. Finds both wood and metal studs. Deep Scan technology penetrates extra thick wall coverings. Works on sheetrock, wood, and acoustic ceilings.

Zircon i520 One Step Electronic Stud Finder

SKU: 318971
UPC: 00042186605914
Patent-pending CenterVision technology finds the stud center in 1-step. Finds the center and edges of studs and joists, finds copper pipes (and other nonferrous metal) up to 1-1/2" (38mm) deep, finds rebar (ferrous metal) in concrete up to 3" (76mm) deep, and detects and traces hot AC wires. Exclusive, patented SpotLite Pointing System shines a bright beam of light over target center.

Zircon i65 One Step Electronic Stud Finder

SKU: 301221
UPC: 00042186618785
StudSensor i65 finds wood and metal studs and joists up to 1-1/2" deep beneath the surface of walls, ceilings, and floors, in 1 simple step. The i65 locates the center of the stud. Easy-to-read LCD display indicates direction, edge, and center of stud. Detects hot AC wiring up to 3" deep.

Zircon MetalliScanner M40 Metal Locator

SKU: 339148
UPC: 00042186625172
Detects metal in wood, drywall, paneling, tile, stucco, plaster, concrete, and other nonmetallic surfaces. Locates ferrous metal up to 4" deep and nonferrous metal up to 2" deep.

Zircon i520 One Step Electronic Stud Finder

SKU: 307580
UPC: 00042186695762
Nonmagnetic tool measures wall density. Works on sheet rock, wood, and plaster. Locates exact center of studs with light indicator. Picture hanging kit included.

Zircon Stud Sensor Pro SL LCD Stud Finder

SKU: 360252
UPC: 00042186695915
StudSensor Pro SL LCD finds wood and metal studs and joists behind walls, floors, and ceilings up to 1-1/2" (38 mm) deep and indicates the presence of hot wires. Locates standard household 120 VAC wiring. Finds both wood and metal studs, select between 3/4" scan depth and patented 1-1/2" DeepScan mode. Patented SpotLite Pointing System, audio signal, and LEDs (light emitting diode) indicate stud edges. Nonmarring wall pads. Continuously detects and warns of hot AC wires, detects the presence of unshielded, hot AC (alternating current) wires in all modes for safety. Finds wires in plastic conduit or Romex cable. Easy to read LCD (liquid crystal display) screen.

Zircon Stud Sensor Pro SL Stud Finder with Level 12 Pack

SKU: 301949
UPC: 00042186696707
Nonmagnetic tool measures wall density. SpotLite pointing system locates edges of studs with bright beam and sound. Finds both wood and metal studs. Deep Scan technology penetrates extra thick wall coverings. Works on sheetrock, wood, plaster, and acoustic ceilings.

Stanley Magnetic Stud Finder

SKU: 386189
UPC: 00076174474008
Magnetic stud finder locates steel nails and screws that hold drywall to studding. Base of unit is notched to mark stud location. Carded.

Stanley S50 Edge-Detect Stud Finder

SKU: 345369
UPC: 00076174770506
Pocket size stud sensor detects wood/metal studs up to 3/4" depth. Easy visual indicators on face of stud sensor for easy readability. LED display and buzzer indicate stud edge.

Stanley Stud Sensor 100 Stud Finder

SKU: 321567
UPC: 00076174771107
Locates the edges of studs or joists through drywall and other common wall materials at a maximum depth of 3/4". Electronic audio and visual signals are emitted once the edge of the stud is detected. Automatic shut-off for longer battery life. Pencil notch for marking stud edges. Requires a 9V battery (not included). Carded.

Stanley Stud Sensor 150 Stud Finder

SKU: 345377
UPC: 00076174771152
Reads multiple depths (1/2", 1", 1-1/2"). Unique speaker feature provides audible sound when locating stud. High-visibility LED indicates when stud edge is located. Multimode panel ensures accurate depth indication. Ergonomic design. Soft-touch felt strips protect surfaces. Pocket size.

Stanley FatMax Stud Sensor 300 Stud Finder

SKU: 300398
UPC: 00076174774078
Detects studs up to 1-1/2" below surface material. Backlit LCD screen displays all of the tool's readings - even in low lighting conditions. Features One Pass Center Find Technology, which locates center of stud. Deep metal scan senses metal up to 3" below surface. Marking channel makes marking surfaces easy and accurate. Ergonomically designed with soft grips.

Stanley Stud Sensor 200 Stud Finder

SKU: 340991
UPC: 00076174777208
Audible indicators alert you when studs and wires are detected. LCD screen with center find OnePass technology. Innovative industrial design. OnePass stud center detection enables you to locate the center. Can read up to 3/4" depths and has a live wire warning to enable you to avoid those areas when working on projects.

C.H. Hanson Stud 4 Sure Magnetic Stud Finder

SKU: 338434
UPC: 00081834030401
Equipped with rare earth magnets that detect steel studs, nails and screws in order to pinpoint suitable locations to securely mount shelves, cabinets, television mounting brackets, etc. Built-in rotating bubble vial identifies level and plumb alignments for horizontal and vertical precision. Three anchor points on each side for easy leveling. Compact and lightweight with ergonomic shape and soft grip to fit comfortably in the hand. Small and compact, easily fits in pocket. 3/4 In. scan depth. No batteries required.

DeWalt 1-1/2 In. Stud Finder

SKU: 309369
UPC: 00885911555715
This center detect Stud Finder has a detection depth of 1-1/2 In. for wood and metal. Traditional stud sensors locate the edge of the stud, but this product locates the center for a more efficient read, even when held at an angle. Plus, it is constantly calibrating to save time during use. Once the stud is located, an audible alert and directional LED (light emitting diode) lights clearly notify the user. The center of the stud can easily be marked with the center marking channel. AC and live wire detection for added safety. Features a slim profile for easy use and storage. AAA batteries included.

Walabot Multi-Function Wall Scanner Stud Finder (for Android Smartphones)

SKU: 356641
UPC: 07290111110009
The Walabot Multifunction Wall Scanner uses Radio Frequency (RF) technology to provide advanced detection capabilities. The tool is a cutting edge device which is paired with an Android phone (Android 6.0 and above with USB on-the-go) to produce a visual image of what is inside concrete and drywall up to 4 inches (10 cm) deep. It can show users what is in their wall in multiple modes (Pan mode, Image mode, and Expert mode). The Walabot detects metal objects, wood studs, wires, pipes and can show movement behind walls. Walabot can be used by contractors, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, and those in need of advanced wall imaging capabilities. The advanced technology is also perfect for ambitious DIYers and those who want real-time visual images of what is hidden within a wall. Compatible With Android Smartphones ONLY - not compatible with iPhone devices.
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