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C&S 2.7 Lb. Squirrel Food Snack Cake

SKU: 752233
UPC: 00018222002054
Squirrel snack cake contains whole corn, roasted peanuts, pecans, and gelatin. Also ideal for chipmunks. Analysis: Protein 10% minimum, fat 11% minimum, and fiber 6% maximum. Weight 2.7 Lb. Measures 8.5 In. W. x 7 In. H. x 2.25 In. D.

C&S 16 Oz. Replacement Log Squirrel Food (2-Pack)

SKU: 704784
UPC: 00018222006083
Sweet corn squirrel log. Fits most squirrel feeders. 1 log is equivalent to 12 ears of corn. Includes (2) 16 Oz. logs. Replacement log for Model No. 609 squirrel feeder.

C&S Squirrel Log & Feeder

SKU: 704741
UPC: 00018222006106
Feeder screws into tree or fence post. Compressed sweet corn log screws on feeder. Guaranteed analysis: Crude protein: Minimum 12%, crude fat: Minimum 6.5%, crude fiber: Maximum 2%. Includes 1 log.

Kritter Korn 6.5 Lb. Corn On The Cob Squirrel Food

SKU: 714463
UPC: 00095422650001
Whole ear corn that can be used to feed squirrels and other critters.

Kritter Korn 16 Lb. Corn On The Cob Squirrel Food

SKU: 743952
UPC: 00095422991623
Whole ear corn that can be used to feed squirrels and other critters.

Valley Splendor 3 Lb. Inshell Peanuts Squirrel Food

SKU: 746342
UPC: 00737539003478
Attract squirrels, chipmunks, jays, and other backyard wildlife to your backyard habitat with peanuts. Premium grade whole peanuts, unprocessed and natural. Perfect way to divert squirrels away from bird feeders. Can be offered in a squirrel feeder or directly on the ground. 3-pound poly bag.

Stokes Select 7.5 Lb. Chipmunk, Deer, & Squirrel Wildlife Feed

SKU: 704496
UPC: 00737539005083
Popular choice for feeding wild critters and drawing them away from bird feeders. Serve in a platform feeder. Ideal to attract squirrels, chipmunks, deer, quail, rabbits, turkeys, & pheasants. Contains whole corn, inshell peanuts, peanut pieces, and sunflower seeds.

Valley Splendor Backyard Buffet 8 Lb. Chipmunk & Squirrel Wildlife Feed

SKU: 744515
UPC: 00737539020086
Keep backyard wildlife out of your bird feeders with this wholesome blend of corn, stripe sunflower, and peanuts. Attracts squirrels, chipmunks, and deer. 8-pound poly bag.
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