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General Tools Angle-Izer Spacing Tool Template

SKU: 361169
UPC: 00038728083609
Professionals can use the Angle-Izer Template Tool to make bulls eyes, arches and plumb cuts on roof joists. DIYers can use it to lay out a brick patio or tile floor. The tool can also create repetitive angles or shapes for marking bricks, tiles, lumber and laminates. Saves time by eliminating the need to make templates. Simply form the tool into the shape of the work area and then use it as a stencil to mark the workpiece to be cut. Unique tightening mechanism enables one-handed operation. Arms are dual-calibrated in inches and metric measures. Fiberglass-filled nylon arms are strong and flexible. Folds for easy storage, portable and lightweight.

Johnson Level DeckMate Deck Spacing Tool

SKU: 303840
UPC: 00049448602759
Perfect tool for creating a deck. Nail/screw layout guide for 2 In. x 4 In. or 2 In. x 6 In. decking. Durable, high-impact body. 1/8 In. or 3/16 In. spacer edges.
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