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Garelick 5 Ft. Aluminum Snow Roof Rake Extension Handle

SKU: 713106
UPC: 00038203890050
5 Ft. aluminum extension handle with handy snap lock feature for Garelick Snow Roof Rake.

Seymour S500 Industrial 16 Ft. Aluminum Industrial Snow Roof Rake

SKU: 715478
UPC: 00046385960225
S500 Industrial aluminum roof rake removes snow from your roof while you are at ground level. Prevents damage due to heavy snow loads. Features 16 Ft. 3-piece snap-pin handle. Cushion grip.

Seymour 5 Ft. Aluminum Snow Roof Rake Extension Handle

SKU: 715461
UPC: 00046385960607
5 Ft. aluminum roof rake extension handle for Seymour S500 Industrial Snow Roof Rake.

True Temper 17 Ft. Aluminum Telescoping Snow Roof Rake

SKU: 701029
UPC: 00049206038790
This snow roof rake can help prevent structural and water damage to your home that can result from heavy snow left on your roof. It is designed for strength and durability with lightweight aluminum and temperature-resistant plastics. The handle enables a very long reach, and is easier and safer to use than climbing up on the roof with a snow shovel. The push-button telescoping design make it sleek and collapsible for easy storage. Aluminum handle extends to 17 Ft. Nonslip handle treatment for control. End grip for better hand placement. 24 In. poly blade.

Garant 18 Ft. Aluminum Snow Roof Rake

SKU: 702225
UPC: 00055636801521
Ideal for removing snow from roofs, awnings, and tarps. (3) 60 In. sections of lightweight aluminum handle extends to 18 Ft. Poly blade will not damage roof. 2 aluminum braces for stability. Blade dimensions: 22 In. x 6-1/2 In.

Avalanche 500 8 Ft. Fiberglass Snow Roof Rake Extension Handle

SKU: 701680
UPC: 00637015000086
(2) 4 Ft. fiberglass pole extensions for use with the Avalanche 500 Snow Rake. Includes 2 aluminum couplers for easy snap together assembly. Allows the Avalanche 500 to extend up to 24 Ft.

Avalanche 24 Ft. Aluminum Snow Roof Rake

SKU: 705094
UPC: 00637015000208
Snow Rake Deluxe features a large 24 In. wide durable plastic rake head with integrated wheels to prevent shingle damage. (5) 4 Ft.-section lightweight aluminum handle quickly clears snow from roof. 7 Lb.

Avalanche 500 16 Ft. Fiberglass Snow Roof Rake Removal System

SKU: 705088
UPC: 00637015005005
Original 500 roof snow removal system has an easy snap-on assembly to easily clean roof from the ground. Patented cutter frame with 1.5 In. wheels has a 17 In. x 12 Ft. roll-up, retractable plastic slide to quickly dispatch snow. Integrated wheels protect asphalt shingles. Helps to prevent snowpack in gutters when clearing roof. (4) 4 Ft.-section lightweight fiberglass handle. 17 In. W. x 12 In. H. steel head. Removes approximately 1 ton of snow per minute. 10 Lb.
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