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General Tools Rescue+One 4-in-1 Car Rescue Tool

SKU: 357615
UPC: 00038728790200
Emergency escape tool, designed for escape from an automobile. Tool is a flashlight, it has a flashing hazard light, glass break punch to break side auto windows, and houses a seat belt cutter. Includes 3 "AAA" batteries.

Resqme 2-in-1 Car Rescue Tool

SKU: 583327
UPC: 00630932251098
Attaches to keychain with detachable clip. Sharp blade cuts through jammed safety belts. For use as a window breaker, push end of tool against a side window until the concealed spring-loaded spike releases and shatters window. The spike is self-resetting and may be used many times. About 12 lb. (5kg) of force needed.

Resqme Hammer and Cutting Blade Car Rescue Tool

SKU: 583318
UPC: 00630932514513
Emergency hammer efficiently cuts through jammed seat belts and breaks tempered car windows in emergency situations. Features a sleek, modern ergonomic design with knuckle guard. Hammer head is made of stainless steel. Razor-sharp blade cuts easily and swiftly. Can be attached in various locations around the vehicle to ensure it will be within reach. Includes mounting bracket, double-face tape, and instruction guide.
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