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Best Garden 25 In. Steel Leaf Rake (15-Tine)

SKU: 700509
UPC: 00009326706139
Expands from 7 In. to 25 In. wide, locks in any position, sticker label on handle, black rubber grip, steel tines. Stores in minimum space.

Best Garden 5 In. Steel Level Garden Rake (5-Tine)

SKU: 725406
UPC: 00009326713205
1-piece welded black forged steel level head with 5 tines. Slender, double lacquered 18 In. ash handle.

Best Garden 8 In. Poly Shrub Rake (14-Tine)

SKU: 760117
UPC: 00009326716107
14 tine poly shrub rake with 48 In. lacquered pine handle. 8 In. polypropylene head. Total length: 54.5 In.

Best Garden 7 In. Steel Fan Hand Whisk Garden Rake (6-Tine)

SKU: 700092
UPC: 00009326721545
Highly flexible 6 spring steel tines will not damage plants. Great for cultivating and cleaning in flower beds and gardens. 18 In. overall L. Rubber grip.

Best Garden 3.5 In. Steel Landscape Rake (5-Tine)

SKU: 703912
UPC: 00009326723761
Extendable rake has a lightweight steel handle that extends from 18 In. to 30 In. Powder coated carbon steel 5-tine head. Gray handle with black grip.

Best Garden Extendable Handle 5.5 In. Steel Shrub Rake (9-Tine)

SKU: 703926
UPC: 00009326723778
Extendable rake has a lightweight steel handle that extends from 18 In. to 30 In. Powder coated carbon steel head. Gray handle with black grip.

Flexrake 8 In. Steel Shrub Rake (11-Tine)

SKU: 711975
UPC: 00017849190328
8 In. flexible steel head with 11 extra wide tines made from heat-treated spring steel. 48 In. Alumilite handle.

Structron S600 Safety 16 In. Steel Bow Garden Rake (16-Tine)

SKU: 704929
UPC: 00046385497547
Structron S600 Safety bow rake increases worker visibility and safety during daylight and nighttime hours. Safety green handle and (2) 3M Series 3300 accents made of highly retro-reflective tape are designed to enhance visibility and detection. Fiberglass handle and a Pro Grip comfort grip. 16-tine forged head. Exceeds reflectivity values of ASTM Type III. Lifetime warranty.

Fiskars 8 In. Poly Shrub Rake (11- Tine)

SKU: 701312
UPC: 00046561196615
Sturdy teardrop-shaped aluminum shaft offers a superior grip, improves ergonomics, reduces hand fatigue, and is lightweight. 8 In. head of uniquely curved and tapered extra-wide tines collect debris efficiently without disturbing ground cover. Perfect size to clean beds and other tight spaces quickly and easily. Total length 63.3 In.

True Temper 15.75 In. Steel Bow Garden Rake (16-Tine)

SKU: 702392
UPC: 00049206108196
True Temper garden rake is ideal for breaking up hard compacted soil or mulch and spreading it evenly. Works well for contractor and professional use, as well as serious homeowners. Features a contoured grip for added comfort and control. Welded steel head. 15 year warranty.

Razor-Back Fiberglass Handle 16 In. Steel Bow Garden Rake (15-Tine)

SKU: 702326
UPC: 00079617631846
Strength and durability make Razor-Back tools the choice of professionals. This bow rake is perfect for loosening or breaking up compacted soil, spreading mulch, or other material evenly and leveling areas before planting. Can also be used to collect leaves, hay, grass or other garden debris. One-piece forged head has 15 tines. 60 In. fiberglass handle with cushion grip. Limited lifetime warranty.

Buddy B 12 In. Steel Leaf Rake (11-Tine)

SKU: 706531
UPC: 00089217200403
High-quality childrens leaf rake is a scaled down replica of full sized adult garden tools. Smooth finished 30 In. hardwood handle. Color: Yellow.

Bully Tools 14.5 In. Plastic Scoop Leaf Rake (9-Tine)

SKU: 752457
UPC: 00735390010000
Poly leaf scoops features a poly body and handle. Designed for all season yard clean up these scoops fit either hand and are ideal for spreading mulch and peat moss, picking up leaves, pine needles, thorny or poisonous plant trimmings, sweet gum balls, and weeds. 14.5 In. W. Holes in top for hanging. Sold in pairs. Color: Black.

Bully Tools 14 In. 14-Gauge Steel Bow Garden Rake (13-Tine)

SKU: 701048
UPC: 00735390623101
100% American made 14-gauge steel bow rake features a steel head. Fiberglass handle features triple wall construction, glued in solid wood core, fiberglass that is thicker than most competitors. Fiberglass handle resists breakage while still being lightweight and easy to handle. Limited lifetime warranty.

Bully Tools 24 In. Steel Leaf Rake (24-Tine)

SKU: 709503
UPC: 00735390923126
100% American Made, commercial grade Bully Tools steel thatching rake has spring steel tines to pick up river rocks and other heavy duty debris. Triple wall fiberglass resists breakage while still being lightweight and easy to handle. 63" overall length. 3.8 Lb.

True Temper 22 In. Steel Leaf Rake (22-Tine)

SKU: 701434
UPC: 00755625006219
True Temper 22-tine flexible steel tine rake is used for clearing leaves and debris from lawns. Steel head is bolted to the handle for a secure connection. 54 In. hardwood handle. 15 year warranty.

Truper Industrial McLeod 11 In. Steel Fire Landscape Rake (6-Tine)

SKU: 706117
UPC: 00755625016744
Forrest Service Industrial McLeod fire tool has a heat treated 11 In. steel head that is welded to the ferrule with 4 rivets. 48 In. American Ash handle for strength and durability. 4 In. teeth. Ideal for firefighters when clearing fire lines, for trails and pathways, and for creating new planting beds or gardens. 5.2 Lb.

Truper Tru Tough 8 In. Poly Shrub Rake (11-Tine)

SKU: 701047
UPC: 00755625041470
Optimized head design with 11 reinforced tines easily maneuvers under and around ornamental plantings. Ideal for removing debris from under shrubs, fences, trees, and other tight places. 56 In. steel handle with comfort grip.

Truper Tru Tough 15.75 In. Steel Bow Wood Handle Garden Rake (16-Tine)

SKU: 701430
UPC: 00755625503015
Tru Tough welded bow rake is designed to loosen and level soil. 16-tine welded steel head breaks up hard compacted soil or mulch and spreads the material evenly. 54 In. American hardwood handle with 6 In. grip.

Ergiesystems Steel Leaf Rake (24-Tine)

SKU: 705246
UPC: 00869510000142
Steel leaf rake lets you get in tight between plantings and bushes, and is ideal for raking and transporting large quantities of leaves quickly and easily. Ergonomic rake with second handle is designed for ease of use and maximum comfort. 54 In. steel handle with comfort grip on main handle and D-grip on second handle. 24 tines.
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