Pond and Fountain Filters

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PondMaster Up to 500 Gal. Universal Pond Pump Filter

SKU: 755498
UPC: 00025033022058
PondMaster 500 dual pond filter. Low profile, less obtrusive in the pond. Features a larger filter for less cleaning. Offers mechanical, chemical, and biological filtration. Filter media is easily changed. Quick disconnect for easy removal from pump. Can be used with many submersible pumps. 9 In. x 9 In. filter box with removable filter cartridge. For use with pumps up to 500 GPH (gallons per hour). For in-pond use only.

PondMaster Up to 1000 Gal. Pond Pump Filter

SKU: 755504
UPC: 00025033054301
Pressure filter for medium to large ponds. Features a detachable hose assembly for quick shut off and tool less disconnection of both hoses for fast and easy filter maintenance. Stabilizing feet and canister lock arms. Easy to remove filter baskets for simple cleaning. Large capacity housing and reusable biological and mechanical filtering material help maintain a healthy environment for fish and aquatic plants. Biological media offers tremendous surface area for beneficial bacterial growth and never needs replacing. Reusable foam filter pad provides effective mechanical filtration. Heavy-duty weather resistant ABS plastic housing can be buried for inconspicuous installation. Can also be used as a trickle filter for small waterfalls.

PondMaster 9 In. x 9 In. Replacement Mechanical Filter Pad (2-Pack)

SKU: 755511
UPC: 00025033122086
Coarse, genuine replacement media compatible with PondMaster 500 Dual pond filter box. Carbon impregnated media offers chemical and biological filtration. Filter media can be easily rinsed or changed. Filter pad measures 9 In. x 9 In.
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