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Best Garden Basket w/ Long Handle Enameled Steel Aluminum Fruit Picker

SKU: 709754
UPC: 00009326707518
Long handle fruit picker for harvesting fresh fruit. Strong metal tongs to grasp fruit and cushioned metal basket to hold fruit. Aluminum telescopic handle extends up to 8'.

Best Garden Fruit Picker Basket

SKU: 760956
UPC: 00009326707525
For harvesting fresh fruit. Strong metal tongs to grasp fruit and cushioned metal basket to hold fruit. Can be ordered assembled with handle model No. M3A.

Duke Nut Harvester 4 in.Pecan Picker

SKU: 742799
UPC: 00011627002001
Precision tension wires capture pecan, and side dispenser releases nut. 36" green painted wood handle with 4" x 4" bucket.

Garden Weasel Wire Powder Coated Metal Nut Gatherer

SKU: 704140
UPC: 00017500953149
Easy-to-roll nut gatherer picks up objects 3/4" to 1-1/2"; pecans, large acorns, hickory nuts, sweet gum balls, crabapples, and more. Roll over any surface and nuts collect in durable steel wire spring basket, approximately 1 gallon capacity. Basket can be emptied by spreading springs apart. 39.5" powder-coated metal handle with foam handle grip. Dimensions: 48" L x 6" W x 10.5" D.

Garden Weasel Large Nut Gather

SKU: 700682
UPC: 00017500954047
The large capacity nut gathering tool has an extra large durable steel wire spring basket for picking up objects 1-1/2" to 3": walnuts, sweet gum balls, magnolia seed/flower heads, and small fruit. Rolls over any surface. Evenly spaced heat tempered wire cage maintains it shape during use and when emptying. Empty basket with quick release cage spreader. Dimensions: 47.5" L x 15" W x 7" D. Lifetime warranty.

Turbine Half Circle 28 in. Spring Wire Pecan Picker

SKU: 750240
UPC: 00021106070100
Patented pecan picker-upper allows you to stand up and pick up pecans with ease. Position wire half circle wire holder over pecans and they pop thru the wire holder and are held inside until emptied out. Wire holderwill hold up to a full quart of nuts. 28" steel handle with loop end. Color: Red.

Roll-A-Nut 6 in.Spring Wire Steel Nut Gatherer

SKU: 750257
UPC: 00021106090108
Rolling nut gathering device made from hand drawn wire spring with 3/8" cold roll steel handle. Correctly weighted to pick up all nuts under any conditions, even tall grass. Designed to pick up nuts that cannot be seen. Wire spring basket will hold up to 2 quart. 32.5" handle with wood grip.

Corona ComfortGEL QuickCollector Nut Gatherer

SKU: 705812
UPC: 00038313036942
ComfortGEL grip nut collector reduces time and effort in collecting tree nuts and seed pods. Rolling action of cage easily picks up and gathers nuts. Flexible spring steel cage makes emptying quick and easy. 48 In. carbon steel handle for a comfortable, long reach.
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