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Gardeneer Natural Enemy Scarecrow 6 Ft. Inflatable Snake Pest Deterrent Decoy

SKU: 701211
UPC: 00016069000011
Natural pest repellent decoy. 6 feet long, inflatable life-like snake. Easy to store in the off-season. Repels birds, rabbits, squirrels and other small pests. Helps reduce fruit tree and vegetable crop losses by up to 50%. Ideal to be used in gardens, fruit trees, berry patches as well as decks, barns, window ledges, and more.

Gardeneer Natural Enemy Scarecrow 2 Ft. Inflatable Owl Pest Deterrent Decoy

SKU: 701203
UPC: 00016069000028
Inflatable pest repellent decoy can reduce crop losses up to 50%. Protects fruit trees, berries, and vegetable gardens. Effective in repelling small animals. Also deters birds from decks, rafters, barns, docks, boats, and more. 2-feet tall.

Gardeneer Natural Enemy Scarecrow 16 In. H. Owl Pest Deterrent Decoy

SKU: 743720
UPC: 00016069000301
Natural enemy pest repellent decoy. Heavy-duty molded plastic construction. Hand-painted for maximum realism. Scares birds, rabbits, rodents, and other pests. Ideal for use in gardens, fruit trees, roofs and eaves. Attractive and will not harm garden pests or the environment. Blow molded and hand painted. 16 inches tall.

Gardeneer Natural Enemy Scarecrow 18 In. H. Rotating Head Owl Pest Deterrent Decoy

SKU: 755980
UPC: 00016069001452
Natural-looking pest repellent decoy. Realistic head bobs and turns in gentle breezes to give the maximum realism and effectiveness in protecting gardens, fruits, and vegetables. Plastic construction, hand painted lifelike coloring. Approximately 18 inches tall.

Gardeneer Holographic Scare Tape 3/4 In. W. x 100 Ft. L. Bird Deterrent Tape

SKU: 707398
UPC: 00016069002183
Reflective tape featuring moving circular holograms helps protect gardens as it flashes dramatically in the sunlight. Helps protect fruit trees, berries, and grapevines from thieving birds. Safe and humane deterrent. 3/4 In. W. x 100 Ft. L.

Gardeneer Natural Enemy Scarecrow 18 In. Solar Owl Pest Deterrent Decoy

SKU: 762823
UPC: 00016069004781
Chemical-free pest control. Protects lawns and gardens from pests with timed, solar-powered movement. Power is generated by solar cell with secondary power derived from the wind. Made from recycled materials, safe, and humane. No internal battery and no batteries need to be added. Hand painted lifelike coloring. 18 inches tall.

Corry's 15 Ft. L. Slug & Snail Barrier Deterrent Tape

SKU: 702107
UPC: 00070585715002
Slug and snail copper tape barrier. Repels slugs and snails with a natural electrical charge. Acts as a barrier against slug and snail movement into areas you wish to protect from damage. Ideal for trees, planters, patio furniture, pet dishes, raised flower and garden beds. Works even when wet.

Bird X 1 In. W. x 50 Ft. L. Bird Deterrent Tape

SKU: 700043
UPC: 00706069141004
Reflective tape the bothers all of a bird's senses. Birds are scared by the material's sheen as the light causes constantly changing reflections and shadow. Birds are rattled by the metallic noise made as the tape blows in the breeze. Simply cut and tie strips of tape near areas where birds have become a problem. Economical and ideal for plants, gardens, vineyards, and trees. 1 In. W x 50 Ft. L. roll.

Bird X Scare-Eye 20 In. Inflatable Eye Pest Deterrent Decoy

SKU: 738910
UPC: 00706069142414
Scare Eye 3-dimensional, inflatable balloon repels unwanted pest birds. Much more effective than plastic owls. Moves with the wind and intimidates birds within visible range. Ideal for porches, patios, balconies, gardens, barns, trees, garages, marinas, doorways, or anywhere birds make a mess.

Bird X 17 In. H. x 8 In. Dia. Falcon Pest Deterrent Decoy

SKU: 700044
UPC: 00706069145224
Lifelike falcon decoy used to scare pesky birds from an open area. Can be filled with gravel, mounted on a stake, hung, or glued down. Features a sparkling mirror in the eye and reflective markings to scare off nuisance birds. Made from heavy-duty weatherproof plastic, and hand-painted for a lifelike look. 17 In. H. x 8 In. Dia.

Bird X Stainless Steel 10 Ft. L. Bird Control Spikes

SKU: 738903
UPC: 00706069157685
Stainless steel bird spikes kit includes (10) 1-foot strips. Each strip provides 6-inch wide coverage. Constructed of a polycarbonate plastic base with stainless steel needles. Prevents any pest bird from landing or roosting on their favorite surfaces. Use indoors or outdoors. Spike strips are easily glued using a silicone adhesive.

Bird X Polycarbonate Plastic 3 Ft. W. x 1 Ft. L. Bird Control Spikes

SKU: 738897
UPC: 00706069158910
Poly bird spikes kit with glue. Includes (10) 1-foot strips of clear polycarbonate plastic, spikes, and a tube of glue. Spikes may be affixed to any surface where pest birds land or roost to prevent this behavior.
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