Paint Prep Cleaners & Restoration

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Savogran Kwikeeze Quart Methylene Chloride Free Cleaner

SKU: 775281
UPC: 00049542012720
Cleans hardened oil and latex paints, enamels, varnish, lacquer and shellac from natural and nylon brushes. Water rinsable for easy cleanup.

Mold Armor Gallon Pre-Paint Surface Cleaner

SKU: 792190
UPC: 00075919005804
Pre-paint cleaner kills and prevents mold. Use for surface preparation prior to painting to improve long-term appearance and performance of paint. Cleans and disinfects the surface in one step so paint adheres better. EPA registered formula. Active ingredient: sodium hypochlorite. For indoor and outdoor use. Apply full strength.

Sunnyside Green Envy 32 Oz. Preps-It Pre-Paint Surface Prep

SKU: 792098
UPC: 00712256499223
Clean and degrease hard surfaces prior to painting to improve paint bonding. Preps-it is a ready-to-use product recommended for use in cleaning and preparing indoor and outdoor surfaces for painting with latex (water-based) paints and coatings. Dampen a clean cloth liberally with Preps-it and apply full strength over an area of 3 or 4 sq. ft. at a time. Thoroughly rinse with water and allow to dry before refinishing. 32 oz. trigger spray.

Rust-Oleum WIPE NEW ReColor Color Restorer Kit (8-Pieces)

SKU: 771718
UPC: 00855208004448
Original color and shine instantly restored. Factory finish in minutes without ever painting. Brings back original color and shine from faded surface. Repels dirt and water, resists stains, add UV protection. Just wipe on . . let dry. Great for plastic, metal, stone, vinyl, fiberglass, rubber, composites and more. Covers up to 100 Sq. Ft. Coverage varies depending on surface. Not intended for glass or mirrored surfaces. Kit includes: One 2 Oz. bottle of ReCOLOR, 1 Wipe-It infused with Wipe New ReCOLOR, 3 microfiber application cloths, 1 microfiber application sponge, 1 pair of nitrile gloves, 1 detail brush.
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