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Orbit 30 In. PVC Portable Misting Stand

SKU: 752625
UPC: 00718455100571
PVC construction and no assembly required. Attaches to standard hose spigot. Portable localized outdoor cooling. 2 mist nozzles ultra fine spray. Ideal for recreation, pets, work, or play.

Orbit 10/24 Male Thread Brass & Stainless Steel Mist Replacement Nozzle (5-Pack)

SKU: 752741
UPC: 00718455101066
Brass replacement nozzle with stainless steel opening. 10/24 Male thread.

Orbit 3/4 In. MPT x 3/4 In. FPT Sediment Filter

SKU: 752670
UPC: 00718455101097
Filters solids before they reach mist line. Reduce clogs with 1 micron filter. 3/4 In. Male/Female threaded. Use on all Arizona Mist systems.

Orbit Az Mist 1/2 In. Split Section Misting Coupling (5-Pack)

SKU: 752643
UPC: 00718455101127
PVC coupling with 10/24 Female. Brass threaded nozzle with stainless steel opening. Accepts 1/2-inch Schedule 40 PVC molded interior stops.

Orbit Az Mist 1/4 In. x 12 Ft. Polyethylene Portable Misting Kit

SKU: 752616
UPC: 00718455200004
12-foot portable pre-assembled mist cooling kit. Provides relief from the heat wherever it is needed. Cools the surrounding air temperature by up to 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Simply attach the convenient alligator clips to an umbrella, awning, fence, or other structure. Then connect to a standard garden hose.

Orbirt Az Mist 3/8 In. x 12 Ft. Polyethylene Misting Kit System

SKU: 752607
UPC: 00718455200301
Pre-assembled flexible tubing misting kit. Features 10-feet of feed line connected to 12-feet of mist line, providing 24-square feet of mist area. Expandable up to 25 nozzles with appropriate pressure. Ideal for cooling outdoor living areas. Ready to install right out of the box. For outdoor use with cold water only. Do not use with a booster pump or in freezing temperatures.

Orbit Az Mist 1/2 In. x 12 Ft. PVC Outdoor Misting Kit

SKU: 752590
UPC: 00718455200707
12-foot, 1/2-inch PVC (polyvinyl chloride) mist cooling system. Ideal rigid cooling solution for home patios, outdoor recreational areas, animal shelters, and dog runs. Reduces the surrounding temperature up to 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Includes everything to easily assemble 12-feet of mist cooling line with no special tools needed. Can be expanded up to 250-feet with sufficient available water pressure. Kit includes: (9) 22 In. of 1/2 In. PVC tubing lengths, (7) PVC mist couplings, (6) mist nozzles, (3) PVC elbows, (2) PVC couplings, (1) PVC end cap, (1) swivel hose adapter, (9) hanging clamps, (1) automatic drain valve, (1) hose washer, (1) PVC cement. For outdoor use with cold water only. Do not use with a booster pump.
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