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Texas Two-Step 8 In. Nutcracker

SKU: 600538
UPC: 00021106038001
Welded steel nutcracker is chrome-plated with a large wooden base. Bent handle with soft plastic grip improves leverage for smoother use. Designed for cracking shells on pecans, Brazil nuts, English walnuts, almonds, and filberts. Will also crack hard-shelled nuts such as black walnuts and macadamians.

The Texan York 8 In. Nutsheller

SKU: 602825
UPC: 00027097000010
Features contoured handles with plastic grips, shield prevents shell scattering, sharp tempered steel blades set at an angle. Shells pecans, Brazil nuts, English walnuts, filberts, and others. Remove shield for lobster and crab claws.

Texan Nut Sheller Replacement Blade Kit (3-Piece)

SKU: 601959
UPC: 00027097000027
Replacement blade kit for the Texan York Nutsheller.

Ekco 4.75 In. Nutcracker Set (4-Picks)

SKU: 604787
UPC: 00028901005757
Includes picks and can be used for nuts or shellfish.

Goodcook 8.7 In. Nutcracker (2-Picks)

SKU: 614861
UPC: 00076753210850
Nutcracker has a reinforced hinge for additional strength. Diamond etched pattern improves grip. Includes 2 picks.

Reed's 9 In. Rocket Nutcracker

SKU: 611430
UPC: 00079764008164
All steel machine construction with hardwood base and soft plastic handle. Unique design cracks pecans, English walnuts, almonds, filberts, and Brazil nuts. Unique 5-star cracking action gives greater power and assures cleaner, larger nut meats.

Reed 8 In. Turbine Nutcracker

SKU: 622798
UPC: 00079764020005
Reinforced Copolymer Construction. Unique design cracks soft shell nuts faster, better, and easier. Crack pecans, English walnuts, almonds, filberts, and Brazil nuts.

9.81 In. Silver Seafood Cracker

SKU: 628239
UPC: 00084806034124
Great for cracking lobster or crab. 9.81 In. L. x 3 In. W. Carded. Silver.
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