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Briggs & Stratton 2.5 In. Gas Cap

SKU: 767797
UPC: 00024847174038
Use fuel tank cap on 450e, 500e, 550e, 550ex, 625ex, 675ex, and 725ex Series and 950 to 1000 Series and Professional Series 7.75 to 8.75 engines.

Briggs & Stratton 3 In. Gas Cap

SKU: 758745
UPC: 00024847413199
Gas cap prevents gas tank fumes from leaving the tank as well as protecting the fuel from outside contamination. Fits Briggs & Stratton 3.5 and 6 HP vertical Max, Quantum, and Europa engines.

Arnold Briggs & Stratton 1-1/2 In. Vented Gas Cap

SKU: 742815
UPC: 00037049910045
1-1/2" diameter, vented, high dome gas cap with liner. Fits Briggs & Stratton 2 to 4 HP vertical engines. Replaces Briggs & Stratton Model No. 298425. Also fits many gas cans and outboard motors. Individually carded.

Arnold 1-3/4 In. Vented Gas Cap

SKU: 742888
UPC: 00037049910496
1-3/4" diameter, vented gas cap with liner. For 5 HP engines and up. Fits Briggs & Stratton, Clinton, Tecumseh, Wisconsin, Lauson, Kohler power products and others. Also fits many gas cans. Individually carded.

Arnold Briggs & Stratton 1-3/4 In. Gas Cap

SKU: 763500
UPC: 00037049915422
1-3/4" diameter, vented gas cap with liner. Fits Briggs & Stratton model No. 397974-Max. engine, Quantum, and Europa Series engines. Individually carded.

Arnold MTD 2-1/8 In. Gas Cap

SKU: 706795
UPC: 00037049925209
2-1/8" diameter, vented gas cap. Fits most MTD lawn tractors. Replaces OEM model No. 751-0603.

Arnold Universal Deluxe T-Knob Throttle Control

SKU: 701027
UPC: 00037049930371
Dexluxe T-Knob with 48" black plastic conduit control. 54.5" inner cable; screw on mounting.

Arnold 4 In. Universal Ignition Key

SKU: 763365
UPC: 00037049933174
Arnolds Universal Ignition Key fits most key electric start engines and all MTD power equipment. Key has a large black plastic handle.

Arnold 1-13/16 In. Honda Gas Cap

SKU: 705856
UPC: 00037049940004
1-13/16" diameter gas cap. Fits most Honda engines. Replaces Honda model No. 17620-ZL8-013.

Arnold 350/450 Series MTD 1-13/16 In. Gas Cap

SKU: 742436
UPC: 00037049940028
Replacement gas caps for 350 and 450 series MTD engines.

Arnold Universal Fit Replacement T-Handle

SKU: 704768
UPC: 00037049949649
Replacement T-handle assembly for 2-piece folding lawnmower handles. 2 T-handles per card. Universal fit.

Arnold Universal Throtle Control Kit

SKU: 763446
UPC: 00037049950188
Throttle control kit comes with 4 options for replacement of throttle control cable. Includes universal short cable with 1 control and universal long cable with 3 controls.
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