Mosquito Attractants and Traps

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Dalen Skeet-O-Trap All Natural Mosquito Trap

SKU: 717229
UPC: 00016069006211
Water based mosquito trap that is easy to use by simply adding water and grass clippings. Catch system mimics the breeding sites of the most common mosquitoes, creating the perfect environment to lay eggs. Inner screen traps the larvae and keeps them from escaping. All natural, no chemicals are used. 7-1/4 In. x 4-3/10 In.

Stinger NoSquito 30-Day Mosquito Trap Lure

SKU: 768119
UPC: 00042578977612
For use with all models of electric outdoor bug killers. Replace every 30 days. Contains 1660mg of Octenol attractant. Increases effectiveness in killing certain mosquitoes and biting insects. Slow release, emits attractant for 30 days.

Mosquito Magnet Octenol Mosquito Attractant (3-Pack)

SKU: 769797
UPC: 00686513051007
Replacement Octenol cartridge for the Mosquito Magnet series.

Mosquito Magnet Lurex Mosquito Attractant (3-Pack)

SKU: 715614
UPC: 00686513059935
Lurex attractant specifically designed for the Asian Tiger mosquito. Octenol has been found to be less effective in trapping Asian Tiger mosquitoes. Lurex is made of natural compounds that simulate human sweat. Lurex will last for 21 days. 1.8 ounces.

Mosquito Magnet Executive Propane Powered 1-Acre Coverage Area Mosquito Trap

SKU: 713009
UPC: 00686513602292
Complete mosquito control system. Operates 24/7 to rid yourself of mosquitoes and other biting insects. Built-in Smart Technology automation with 4 fuel saving modes which extends your propane tank's lifter up to 30 days, child safe control lock out, and it signals when the propane is out or the nozzle is clogged. A microsensor learns day and night cycles. A temperature sensor powers down and restarts the trap when the temperature is above or below 50 deg.. Low battery warning. Cordless, operates on a rechargeable battery. Counter Flow Technology . Air flow expels over the attractant increasing the mosquito catch up to 10 times. Intake flow draws mosquitoes into the trap where they dehydrate and die within 24 hours. Perfect for large yards and pool area with up to 1 acre coverage. Propane tank is not included.

Victor Patriot Electric 1-Acre Coverage Area Mosquito Trap

SKU: 702300
UPC: 00686513722877
Complete mosquito control system. Operates 24 hours a day using standard electricity. Produces CO2 to attract mosquitoes and then vacuums them in. Plug into any outdoor electrical outlet with its 50-foot low voltage power cord. Silent and odorless. Small easy-to-empty net. Made of furniture grade PVC. Limited 1-year warranty. Protects up to 1 acre. Propane tank not included.
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