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Nordic Ware 10 In. Plastic Bacon Cookware

SKU: 626095
UPC: 00011172601100
Specially designed microwavable rack keeps bacon elevated so fat drips off, leaving you with a healthier breakfast side. BPA and Melamine-free. Great for bacon, sausage and hot dogs. Size: 10" x 8" x 3/4". Dishwasher safe. 5 year warranty.

Nordic Ware 10 In. Microwave Turntable

SKU: 623431
UPC: 00011172623010
Automatic food rotator for microwave ovens. Eliminates need to turn foods during the cooking cycle and ensures even cooking. Weight activated switch automatically starts unit when food is placed on it and shuts off when food is removed. Features spring-powered mechanism that runs 30 minutes without rewinding. 10" D. x 1-1/2" H.

Nordic Ware 2 Cup Egg Poacher

SKU: 626059
UPC: 00011172647023
Poaches 1 to 2 eggs in just minutes. Hinged cover with handle makes handling easy, cooks eggs fast, and protects from spattering. Microwave safe and oven safe up to 400 degree F.

Nordic Ware 10.5 In. White Microwave Splatter Cover

SKU: 626040
UPC: 00011172650009
Universal size plate cover for spatter-free cooking in your microwave oven. Steam vents prevent soggy food. Keeps food hot until served. Durable, stackable and dishwasher top rack safe. Fits any 10" dinner plate. Size: 10.5" diameter, 2-3/4" high. White. 5 year warranty.

Presto Powerpop White Replacement Power Cups

SKU: 668230
UPC: 00075741099644
Designed for maximum popping performance. 8 per pack. Replacement concentrators for Presto PowerPop microwave multi-popper.

Potato Express Micowave Steamer

SKU: 601084
UPC: 00735541002151
Fastest, easiest way to cook potatoes in the microwave. Unique design of insulation creates steam pocket for just the right amount of moisture. Works on any type of potato in just 4 minutes. Reusable and machine washable. As seen on TV.
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