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Easy Mask 12 In. Masker Cutoff Blade

SKU: 772385
UPC: 00047034020123
Film and paper replacement blade for Trimaco Contractor Masker. 12" blade.

Trimaco Easy Mask Pro Masking Tool

SKU: 772404
UPC: 00047034650047
Contractor masker is compatible with any Easy Mask papers, films, tapes, and blades to fit any job's needs. Masker attaches tape to the edges of either film or paper, allowing a painter to easily mask off large areas. Fast and easy - load, mask, cut. Ergonomic design with comfort grip handle. For commercial or residential use. Blade not included.

3M ScotchBlue Painter's Tape & Paper Dispenser Tool

SKU: 789142
UPC: 00051131774087
ScotchBlue Tape and Paper Dispenser is ideal for use on baseboards, trim, cabinets, fixtures, windows and doors. Covers small and large areas to help protect surfaces from paint splatters and drips. Includes 6 In. blade and 6 In. blade extension. 8 In. H. x 11 In. L.

Peel-Tek Sure-Shot Liquid Masking Tape Dispenser

SKU: 797773
UPC: 00614324699316
Sure-Shot Applicator is a pistol grip dispenser that allows a small amount of Peel-Tek to go a long way and is the perfect companion to masking paper or plastic. Masking to tight corners, awkward angels or fine lines is easier and more efficient. M Turns 1 Qt. of Peel-Tek into the equivalent of 7 rolls of masking tape. Comes complete with the following: 16g tip, 14g tip, closure tip and replacement gasket.

3M ScotchBlue Painter's Tape Applicator Tool

SKU: 787508
UPC: 00638060262245
ScotchBlue Painters Tape Applicator is your new go-to-tool for faster, easier prep. There's a new way to prep with precision. The ScotchBlue Painters Tape Applicator applies painters tape in one continuous strip, with an easy-to-hold circular grip and a felt pad that gently glides across surfaces. Plastic rollers tightly seal the tape to a variety of surfaces. Great for use on trim, baseboards, windows and door frames. And the sharp blade provides a straight, precise cut. 1.41 In. x 20 yard starter roll included.
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