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AccuSharp ShearSharp Diamond-Honed Tungsten Carbide Blade Scissor Sharpener

SKU: 800512
UPC: 00015896000027
ShearSharp sharpener is an amazing device designed for sharpening general purpose scissors, hedge clippers and tin snips. Draw over the flat surface of scissors to sharpen. Features reversible tungsten carbide blade for extended life and safety hand grip to prevent cuts.

AccuSharp Groove Diamond-Honed Carbide Blade Camouflage Knife & Tool Sharpener

SKU: 820990
UPC: 00015896000058
Camouflage pattern knife sharpener. Sharpens kitchen knives, pocket/hunting knives, axes, arrowheads, and garden tools. Sharpens quickly, easily, and accurately. Reversible sharpening blades provide extended life. Features safety hand grip to prevent cuts and diamond-honed tungsten carbide blade.

Smith's V Sharp Groove Carbide Sharpener

SKU: 815373
UPC: 00027925190029
Features a specially designed V shaped cutting head with 2 crossed carbide blades. This allows you to put a quick edge on your knife or tool every time with just 3 or 4 strokes. It is safe, easy to use, and the cutting heads are replaceable. Plastichandle. Packaged in a clamshell.
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