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Smart Savers Plastic Strainer Set (2-Piece)

SKU: 626309
UPC: 00009326603797
Smart Savers 2 piece strainer set. Strainers measure 6 In. and 4.5 In. in diameter.

Smart Savers 2 Cup White Plastic Measuring Cup

SKU: 626333
UPC: 00009326603810
Smart Savers white plastic measuring cup. Standard and metric measurements.

Smart Savers 1 Cup White Plastic Measuring Cup

SKU: 626341
UPC: 00009326603827
Smart Savers white plastic measuring cup. Standard and metric measurements.

Yeti Stainless Steel Tarpon Bottle/Can Opener

SKU: 801444
UPC: 00014394502033
Beverage Entry Tool (BET) includes a twist off wrench, church key, and can tab opener.

Ball FreshTech HarvestPro Electric Saucemaker Vegetable & Fruit Strainer

SKU: 650327
UPC: 00014400350184
Easy and efficient way to make sauces, salsas, dips, spreads, and more. Features include: unique silicone wiper, extra wide chute, oversized auger, fully enclosed splashguard, lock ring for coverless operation, large nesting hopper, built-in cord pocket, high performance motor, and optimal torque. One-step UniLock System detaches simply for dishwasher safe cleanup. 2 screens: standard and coarse. 9 lb.

Clauss 8 In. No. 7 Take-Apart Kitchen Shears

SKU: 627245
UPC: 00015829180451
Contoured and serrated blade. Notched blade. Take apart blades for easy cleaning. Corrosion-resistant. Cuts leather, vinyl, plastic, cardboard, rope and many other items. Includes nylon pouch.

Texas Two-Step 8 In. Nutcracker

SKU: 600538
UPC: 00021106038001
Welded steel nutcracker is chrome-plated with a large wooden base. Bent handle with soft plastic grip improves leverage for smoother use. Designed for cracking shells on pecans, Brazil nuts, English walnuts, almonds, and filberts. Will also crack hard-shelled nuts such as black walnuts and macadamians.

Ove Glove 6 In. x 11 In. Oven Rack Shield (2-Count)

SKU: 602160
UPC: 00021363005259
Oven rack shields snap on to the front of standard oven racks to protect from oven rack burns. Made with Nomex by Dupont and Kevlar. Heat resistant up to 540 degrees F. Machine washable. 1 year warranty. Set of 2.

Gemco 5 Oz. Glass Cheese & Spice Shaker

SKU: 603706
UPC: 00024131146123
Clear swirled optic glass with stainless steel top. 5 oz. size. Bulk. 2-1/2" round x 3-1/2" H.

Gemco 12 Oz. Nut Mill

SKU: 603751
UPC: 00024131146291
Steel blade grinder. 12 oz. White. Bulk. 4-5/8" W. x 3-1/4" D. x 7-3/8" H.

Gemco 3 Oz. Glass Salt & Pepper Shaker Set

SKU: 603662
UPC: 00024131146482
Clear glass, 3 Oz. shakers are dishwasher safe and come with durable stainless steel caps. Set of 2.

Gemco 2 Oz. Glass Square Salt & Pepper Shaker Set

SKU: 603626
UPC: 00024131146529
Clear, square, smooth panel glass with stainless steel top. Bulk. 2 oz. size. 1-1/2" square x 3-7/8" H.

Lefse 24 In. Wood Turning Stick

SKU: 668931
UPC: 00024312000701
Red painted cream screenprinted handle. Beautiful Scandinavian turning stick. 7/8" x 24" L.

Bethany 17.25 Wood Corrugated Rolling Pin

SKU: 669067
UPC: 00024312004204
Corrugated. 2-3/4" x 17-1/4" rolling pin with easy rolling action. Made of hard maple.

Bethany 15 In. Cotton Rolling Pin Cover (2-Pack)

SKU: 669008
UPC: 00024312004600
100% cotton stretch knit to fit standard rolling pins. Two 15" long covers in each package.

Bethany 9 In. Dia. Pastry Board & Cotton Cloth

SKU: 668966
UPC: 00024312005003
Set includes the cloth and a 19" hardboard circle with nonskid legs. Use for Lefse, pie, pizza crust, etc. The circle guide lines are in red. Cloth is made of heavy, pre-shrunk cotton.

The Texan York 8 In. Nutsheller

SKU: 602825
UPC: 00027097000010
Features contoured handles with plastic grips, shield prevents shell scattering, sharp tempered steel blades set at an angle. Shells pecans, Brazil nuts, English walnuts, filberts, and others. Remove shield for lobster and crab claws.

Texan Nut Sheller Replacement Blade Kit (3-Piece)

SKU: 601959
UPC: 00027097000027
Replacement blade kit for the Texan York Nutsheller.

Smith's 9 In. Sharpening Steel

SKU: 629180
UPC: 00027925500286
9 In. sharpening steel can be used to re-align the blade's edge and keep it sharp, extending the life of your blade. Oversized hand guard and hang-up ring.

KitchenIQ Compact Electric Knife Sharpener

SKU: 613276
UPC: 00027925500293
Electric knife sharpener offers compact and ergonomic sharpening with electric and manual components. Within the electric sharpening slot, blade guides hold your knife at the correct angle for the synthetic abrasive wheels. For touch-ups on well-maintained blades and for final honing, the manual slot provides crossed ceramic rods that deliver a polished, razor-keen edge for both sides of blades. Comfortable rubber hand grip and non-slip rubber base. 3 year warranty.

Smith's Pull-Thru Manual Knife & Scissor Sharpener

SKU: 625160
UPC: 00027925501016
Deluxe pull-through sharpener is guaranteed to sharpen dull knives and scissors in seconds. Ergonomic design increases comfort and control. Manual slot for polishing a freshly ground edge or quick touch up of already sharp knives. Sharpens left and right handed scissors.

KitchenIQ Adjustable Manual Knife Sharpener

SKU: 639638
UPC: 00027925501467
Adjustable sharpener includes 3 slots for sharpening that allows you to sharpen the knife to the original factory angle. Fine slot features ceramic rods for finishing the knife edge and every day light honing and maintenance of an already sharp knife. Coarse sharpening slot features diamond stones that are used to sharpen dull or damaged knives. Serrated slot is a fixed slot designed for sharpening most styles of serrated knives. 1 year warranty.

KitchenIQ 11 Lb. Capacity Foldable Digital Food Scale

SKU: 605898
UPC: 00027925508022
Compact, foldable digital kitchen scale is ideal for measuring food for recipes or dietary needs. Easy to read LCD display measures in both pounds and grams. Folding arms swing out to support plates or bowls of food and folds in for compact storage. Durable plastic construction. Green. 1.4 In. W. x 8.3 In. L. Battery included.

Smith's Mesa Electric Knife Sharpener

SKU: 611474
UPC: 00027925509272
Electric knife sharpener has synthetic abrasive wheels that deliver sharpening and honing in one pass. Blade guides hold the knife at the correct angle and is safe to use on all straight-edge knives. Non-skid rubber feet for stability and safety. Discreet On/Off switch.

Smith's Diamond Edge Manual Knife & Scissor Sharpener

SKU: 618844
UPC: 00027925510032
2-stage knife and scissor sharpener with Edge Grip sharpens dull, damaged straight edge or serrated knives and finishes to razor sharp edge. Patented Edge Grip diamond blades in coarse sharpening slot and ceramic triangular shaped stones in fine slot. Non-slip base for added stability and control. Scissor sharpener left or right handed.
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