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RCA 12V Dual USB Black Car Charger

SKU: 500408
UPC: 00044476104626
Charges and powers USB (universal serial bus) devices and mounts flush to the dash board for clutter-free charging. Features a light to indicate when device is properly charged. 2.1 amp, charges up to twice as fast. Maximum output: 5 volts, 2100 mA (milliamperes). 1-year limited warranty.

RCA 12V 1 USB-A & 1 USB-C White Car Charger

SKU: 554710
UPC: 00044476135132
USB (Universal Serial Bus) Type-C car charger. Features dual ports, (1) 2.4-amp USB-A port and (1) 3-amp USB-C port.

Custom Accessories 12V Double Outlet Lighter Adapter

SKU: 584584
UPC: 00077231051026
Custom Universal Twin 12V Power Cod with LED (light emitting diode) Light Plug powers up electronics while on the go. Sockets feature a protective cover for when not in use. 12V splitter has a maximum output of 8 amps. Charge two devices at once. Plug into 12V receptacle for immediate installation.

Custom Accessories 10 Ft. Lighter Extension Cord

SKU: 589187
UPC: 00077231051033
Custom 10 Ft. 12V universal Extension Power Cord with LED (light emitting diode) light plugs into vehicle's cigarette lighter to power up any 12V supported product, maximum output of 8 amps. Fits most 12V receptacles. Designed with fuse protector.

Custom Accessories 12V Car Accessory Power Outlet

SKU: 589160
UPC: 00077231053501
Custom 12V auxiliary power outlet with ceramic element adds an additional 12V power outlet to vehicle or camper. Mounted unit with plastic cover prevents dirt and moisture from entering socket when in use. Powers cell phones, radar detectors, spotlights and other 12V powered accessories. Fits most cigarette lighter receptacles; simply mount power outlet for easy installation.

Custom Accessories i-xt 12V Dual USB Black Car Charger

SKU: 570003
UPC: 00077341107101
12V-5V (volt) dual USB (universal serial bus) charger plug charges two devices at the same time. Powers cell phones, iPods, portable game players, and more. Plugs into 12V vehicle outlet. LED (light emitting diode) power indicator. Fuse protected plug.

GetPower 12V USB Car Charger Countertop Display Bowl

SKU: 970267
UPC: 00767322191952
USB (universal serial bus) car adapter. 1000mAh (milli Amp hour). Various colors. Works with most portable devices. Impulse display contains (90) chargers per bowl.

GetPower 12V Dual USB Car Charger Countertop Display Bowl

SKU: 970389
UPC: 00767322197022
USB (universal serial bus) car adapter. 2.4A (amp). 12V (volts). Dual USB ports. Black and white, cannot specify color. Will charge tablets. Works with most portable devices. Impulse display contains (50) car chargers.
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