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Racquet Zapper 14 In. Insect Zapper

SKU: 719377
UPC: 00009326724058
New innovative bug killer looks like a tennis racquet but zaps mosquitoes, flies, and other pests at the push of a button and a swing. EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) registered electric grid is guarded by 2 protective grids on each side. Pests go through the outside to inner hot grid but your fingers don't. Powered by (2) AA batteries, not included. Push-button handle/green LED (light emitting diode) light indicates On. 14 inches long.

Dynazap Extendable 3 Ft. Insect Zapper

SKU: 701706
UPC: 00043256301002
The Dynazap kills mosquitoes, wasps, flies, hornets, yellow jackets and other annoying flying and crawling insects on contact, without leaving behind a smudge or smear. Fully extendable, up to 3' in length, and has a telescopic head that bends in multiple directions for hard-to-reach areas. The Dynazap has a safety switch, and only works when the trigger button is on. Includes 2 AA batteries.

Enoz Extra Heavy Duty 4 In. W. x 5.5 In. H. Fly Swatter

SKU: 602703
UPC: 00070922047070
Extra heavy duty bug swatter has a unique vent design that allows quick movement through the air to hit fast moving insects. 14 In. metal handle with rubber flapper. Strong enough to kill wasps, bees, and hornets.

Enoz 4-1/2 In. x 5-1/4 In. Plastic Fly Swatter

SKU: 622788
UPC: 00070922227700
Colorful (4 solid colors of red, yellow, blue, and green) and strong plastic blade with a baked enamel wire handle. Blade size: 4-1/2 In. x 5-1/4 In. Overall length: 22-1/2 In.

Enoz Wire Mesh 4-1/4 in. x 6-1/2 in. Fly Swatter

SKU: 621404
UPC: 00070922227755
Durable wire mesh blade with baked enamel wire handle. Blade size: 4-1/4 In. x 6-1/2 In. Overall length: 22 In.
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