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Do it 1-1/8 In. x 10 In. Overflow Tube

SKU: 412397
UPC: 00009326403007
1" or 1-1/8" x 10", flush valve overflow tube. Plastic. 1 per card. Do it carded.

Do it Flush Valve Seal

SKU: 414536
UPC: 00009326403281
Used to seal between flush valve and toilet tank. Rubber washer for tight fit. Universal fit. 2-1/4" I.D. x 2-7/8" O.D. Do it carded.

Do it Flush Valve Seal for American Standard

SKU: 455156
UPC: 00009326411866
Replacement for American Standard flush valves. Do it carded.

Do it 2 In. Flush Valve Actuating Unit for American Standard

SKU: 455164
UPC: 00009326411873
Replacement flush valve actuating unit for American Standard toilets. 1 per bag.

Do it Flush Valve with Flapper and Chain

SKU: 444040
UPC: 00009326420189
Flush valve with flapper and chain. Plastic. Universal fit. Do it carded.

Do it Universal Toilet Repair Kit

SKU: 401058
UPC: 00009326427041
The toilet tank repair kit may fix noisy toilets, toilets that continually run and waste water, toilets that are leaking from the tank, and toilets that are slow to refill the tank and bowl. The kit includes the Keeney fill valve that fits most standard toilets and is adjustable. Has a long lasting seal that can be wiped clean, no need for replacement parts. Has an easy push button for simple water level adjustment. Also has a locking ring for safe and secure height adjustments. The fast fill design allows for maximum tank refill speed. Includes a refill tube. The Keeney flush valve fits most standard toilets, and is adjustable. Has an easily adjustable, no cut overflow tube. Also a timing-cone, water saver flapper. Twist the cone for either high performance or to conserve the amount of water used. Comes with a chain and hook. Finally the kit includes a complete tank to bowl assembly with bolts, nuts and washer for 2 or 3 bolt toilets, and a new sponge gasket for a tight seal. Easy to install. Packed in a preprinted box, complete with installation instructions, diagrams, and photos.

Danco Flush Valve For American Standard

SKU: 405176
UPC: 00037155676569
Replacement flush valve for American Standard toilets. Features durable plastic construction for strength and durability. Compatible with American Standard flush valves. Fits Models #4, #5 and #6 Actuating Units. Easy do-it-yourself installation. Includes Float, 2 Screws, Bracket, 2 Nuts, Seat Disc, Chain, Chain Clip, Pin, Adapter, and 3 Snap In Adapters, 2 Nuts, 2 Screws, 3 Snap In Adapters, Adapter, Bracket, Chain, Chain Clip, Float, Pin, Seat Disc.

Fluidmaster Flush Valve Seal Disc

SKU: 417409
UPC: 00039961000064
The Fluidmaster 242 Toilet Fill Valve Seal is a simple DIY solution to common toilet fill valve problems. This replacement seal fits the Fluidmaster 400A toilet fill valve along with 200 and 747 models. Fix your faulty or slow toilet fill valve without having to purchase a new toilet fill valve. Utilize this durable rubber design to extend the life of a currently ineffective fill valve. Built with quality in mind, this model comes with a 1 year warranty and works with all water pressures. The Fluidmaster Replacement Toilet Fill Valve seal is the quickest and easiest way to restore your toilet fill valve's performance.

Fluidmaster PerforMAX Universal Flush Valve Repair Kit

SKU: 401906
UPC: 00039961000392
The Fluidmaster 555CRP8 PerforMAX Flush Valve Repair Kit offers the quickest and easiest way to stop leaks from your flush valve, with its no tank removal "peel and stick" process. Simply peel the protective paper off the sealant ring and stick right on top of your existing 2 In. flush valve seat, and you're done. With a universal fit for most toilet models. The included PerforMAX 2 In. Adjustable Flapper, has an adjustable dial for a customized flush and water-savings. Just set depending on your needs. Other features include a solid frame flapper design to ensure a secure seal and eliminate twisting, and built-in Microban technology to fight bacteria on the flapper itself. Quickly repair leaks, and eliminate the install hassle while upgrading your flapper with the PerforMAX Flush Valve Repair Kit. Replaces model No. 555A Flusher Fixer Repair.

Fluidmaster 3.5 GPF Plastic Universal Toilet Flush Valve

SKU: 448486
UPC: 00039961009371
The Fluidmaster 507AP7 2" Flush Valve is designed to restore original factory performance to your toilet flush valve. Quickly replace cracked flush valves, and corroded toilet flappers. Featuring easy installation and a universal fit for all 2" flush valve toilets. Constructed from corrosion-resistant materials, with built-in Microban technology (flapper) for a long lifespan. The Microban is built into the flapper itself to fight bacteria and flapper breakdown. Including a solid frame flapper for a secure seal and superior leak protection. For use in 2" flush valve toilets with 3.5 or more GPF. Repair leaks between the tank and bowl with Fluidmaster's Universal 2" Flush Valve. 5 year warranty.

Fluidmaster Flush Valve Repair Kit for 3 In. HET Toilet

SKU: 404231
UPC: 00039961300348
he Fluidmaster 540AKRP5 3 In. Flush Valve Repair Kit is an easy to install design that repairs leaks between the tank and the bowl and saves water. Specifically designed to work with high efficiency (HET) toilets with 3 In. flush valves. The flush valve height adjusts up or down to fit more toilet models and sizes, and the 3 In. flapper also adjusts to fit Toto, American Standard and other common 3 In. flapper toilets. Restore your flush performance and fine-tune how much water you use with the adjustable flapper. Simple turn for more or less water per flush depending on your needs. Also featuring a long lasting chlorine-resistant silicone seal that lasts up to 10X longer than standard flappers and offering a 5 year warranty. This toilet repair kit includes all you need to restore your toilets flush, including an adjustable flush valve, a 3 In. flapper, a gasket, brass bolts, washers and nuts for a complete repair.

Do it 2 In. Toilet Flush Valve for American Standard Model No. 5

SKU: 455172
UPC: 00046224023951
Replacement for American Standard brand toilets. Do it bagged.

Do it 2 In. Flush Valve Actuating Unit for American Standard Model No. 5 & No. 6

SKU: 400607
UPC: 00046224024125
Actuating unit for American Standard flush valve, for new style model No. 5 and No. 6. Snap on disc included. Complete with chain and hook.

Do it Mini Pilot Toilet Repair Kit

SKU: 444294
UPC: 00046224034131
Complete toilet tank repair kit with fill valve and flapper. Low profile design, fits standard 2-piece toilets. Twist knob adjustment for water level control. Quiet operation. Includes metal refill tube clip, rubber cone washer, rubber refill tube, plastic lock nut, plastic washer, flapper with chain & hook.

Do it FlushAll 3 In. High Performance Flush Valve

SKU: 464624
UPC: 00046224035176
Flushall adjustable flush valve with 3" flapper installs easily into most standard toilets. 750 gallon of water saved annually on each toilet installed. 40% more flushing power using less water. Eco-friendly green flapper allows user to control water. Oversized 3" opening improves flush. No cut overflow tube adjusts from 8.5" to 13" for various height toilet tanks. You will need to install a new tank to bowl kit in conjunction with the Flushall flush valve with 3" flapper, (kit included). 1 year warranty, CUPC approved.

Do it 3 In. Flush Valve and Adjustable Flapper with Timing Cone

SKU: 400008
UPC: 00046224036630
Fits American standard, Kohler, Eljer, or any flush valve with similar thread size. Fits standard two-piece toilets. Includes adjustable water saving flapper with timing cone.

Do it 3 In. Flush Valve with Adjustable Water Saving Flapper

SKU: 400010
UPC: 00046224036654
Fits Toto, Gerber, Mansfield, Crane, jacuzzi, or any flush valve with similar thread size. Includes adjustable water saving flapper with timing cone.

Mansfield Watersaver 3.5 GPF Flush Valve

SKU: 407704
UPC: 00046587205049
Model features universal tab for use with any chain connected trip lever. Trouble-free positive sealing action. Model No. 210 replaces model No. 209.

Mansfield 1.6 GPF Toilet Flush Valve

SKU: 460761
UPC: 00046587205056
Fits virtually any tank-type toilets. Comes with spud gasket and spud. Can be used with chain. Plastic, won't rust or corrode, flushes 1.6 gallon. Boxed.

Mansfield Flush Valve Seal for No. 208/209 Watersaver

SKU: 417695
UPC: 00046587205070
For model No. 208 and 209 Watersaver Flush Valve. Includes: Diaphragm valve seal.

Mansfield Flush Valve Seal for No. 210/211 Watersaver

SKU: 411388
UPC: 00046587246202
For model No. 210 and 211 Watersaver flush valve. 1 seal per card.

Korky Toilet Valve Seal

SKU: 473057
UPC: 00049057042199
The Fits American Standard Combo Seat Disc's unique design fits both snap-on and screw-on tilt flush models. The seat disc is also compatible with American Standard actuator units. Easy to install.

Korky 3 to 5 GPF Adjustable Flush Valve and Premium Flapper Kit

SKU: 436629
UPC: 00049057102916
The Adjustable 2" Flush Valve and Premium Flapper Kit is universal to fit all 2-piece toilet tank brands. Quick and easy to install, the flush valve height easily adjusts from 7" to 11-1/2", with no tools or hack sawing required. The oversized tube and funnel reduce flood risk while the included premium flapper ensures a tight, leak-proof seal. The included premium flapper is constructed of exclusive longest lasting red rubber that resists chlorine, bacteria, city water treatment, hard water, and well water. Easy to install.

Korky 3 to 5 GPF Flush Valve and Tank To Bowl Gasket Kit

SKU: 449973
UPC: 00049057102961
The Adjustable 2" Flush Valve and Tank to Bowl Gasket Kit is universal to fit all 2-piece toilet tank brands. Quick and easy to install, the flush valve height easily adjusts from 7" to 11-1/2", with no tools or hack sawing required. The oversized tube and funnel reduce flood risk while the included premium flapper and tank to bowl gasket ensure a tight, leak-proof fit. Easy to install.

Korky Flush Valve Seal for Champion/Titan 4

SKU: 400956
UPC: 00049057103456
The Fits American Standard Champion 4 and Eljer Titan 4 Flush Valve Seal is designed to replace the original American Standard part: 7301111-0070A. The seal is made of premium, long lasting rubber and is backed by a 5 year warranty. Easy to install.
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