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Moultrie 40 Lb. Feed Station Gravity Deer Feeder

SKU: 704484
UPC: 00053695131047
Gravity-driven trough design deer feeder. No electronics or moving parts to fail. Offers value and easy use. Strap to a tree or post, and fill. Made of durable, ultra-violet resistant plastic. Dispenses a variety of feed types, from powders to corn to mixtures.

Moultrie 200 Lb. Classic Tripod Deer Feeder

SKU: 704477
UPC: 00053695132204
Simple, reliable deer feeder. Features exclusive Quick-Lock modular technology that makes assembly easy and allows parts to be interchanged with all Moultrie feeder kits. Hopper is made from durable, ultra-violet resistant plastic, legs are made of powder coated metal and lock for added stability. Plastic spin plate, funnel, and housing include a built-in varmint guard, feed level estimator, battery indicator, and external power port. Hopper has a fill height of 5-1/2 Ft. for easy ground level access. 360 degree feed pattern, 30 gallon/200 pound capacity hopper. Dawn and dusk photocell timer programs up to 4 feed times per day from 1 to 20 seconds. Uses (4) AA batteries, not included.

Moultrie 100 Lb. Bag Deer Feeder

SKU: 711887
UPC: 00053695133126
Bag feeder featuring a 100-pound capacity. Lightweight design is easy to transport. Water resistant camouflage fabric and memory wire closing seals the bag to keep weather out. Tapered design allows for easy refills.

ADM Rack Plus 50 Lb. Elk & Deer Forage

SKU: 705571
UPC: 00788399801797
High energy, mini pelleted, grain based, feed. Formulated to be fed with forage for deer and elk. Provides 18% protein, 4% fat, and 14% fiber along with minerals, vitamins, complexed (organic) forms of zinc, copper, manganese, and cobalt. Proven performer for bigger bodies and antlers.

ADM Rack Plus 25 Lb. Deer Block

SKU: 705574
UPC: 00788399801940
Protein, mineral, and vitamin supplement deer block. Designed for free choice feeding to confined and free ranging deer and elk. Proved performer for bigger bodies and antlers.
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