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Blue Plastic Dust Pan & Brush Set

SKU: 615269
UPC: 00009326602271
Counter duster with soft blue and white bristles is great for work benches and kitchen counters. Brush with rubber grip handle. Deep plastic blue dust pan. Brush attaches to pan for storage.

10.5 In. Blue Plastic Extra Large Dust Pan

SKU: 616239
UPC: 00009326602295
Heavy-duty gauge plastic. Extra deep for big jobs. Flexible lip catches fine dust. This dust pan will snap onto any broom handle for easy storage. Blue. 16" long handle. The dimensions of the scoop area are 10.5" L. x 10.5" W. x 3" H.

Smart Savers 22.5 In. Long Handled Dust Pan

SKU: 634157
UPC: 00009326605623
Smart Savers plastic dust pan with 22.5" long handle. Dust pan measures 8.75" D. x 9.5" W. x 3" H.

Fulton 7-3/4 In. Sandle Wood Plastic Dust Pan

SKU: 603279
UPC: 00045081200154
7-3/4" x 10-1/2". Plastic dust pan. Sandlewood.

Fulton 30 In. Long Handle Dust Pan with Rubber Edge

SKU: 603236
UPC: 00045081202479
30" hardwood handle. 11-1/2" x 7", 28-gauge steel pan. 11-1/2" rubber edge. Designed for home to light janitorial use. Sandalwood.

Fulton Heavy Duty 30 In. Long Handle Dust Pan with Metal Edge

SKU: 603228
UPC: 00045081206019
30" hardwood handle, 26-gauge steel pan with 12.75" metal lip. 7-1/2" deep. Black enamel. Designed and built for industrial and janitorial use.

Range Kleen 7-7/8 In. Copper Hooded Dust Pan

SKU: 609161
UPC: 00070775001946
Copper with white rubber edge. 11-3/4" x 7-7/8" with 4" handle.

Range Kleen 7-7/8 In. Copper Dust Pan

SKU: 624024
UPC: 00070775172394
Copper with white rubber edge. 11-3/4" x 7-7/8" and 4" handle.

Libman White Plastic Dust Pan & Brush Set

SKU: 600268
UPC: 00071736000954
Set includes the Libman No. 231 Shaped Duster Brush and specially designed dustpan. The dustpan well is very large and deep to hold all of the dust and debris you sweep up. Teeth on dustpan allow for hands-free brush cleaning. Simply run the brush over the teeth and remove all of the debris stuck in the fibers of the brush.

Libman 10-1/2 In. White Plastic Dust Pan

SKU: 602002
UPC: 00071736002286
Wide 10" scoop. Oversized deep well holds more dirt. Snaps onto broom handle for convenient storage.

Libman 12 In. Green Poly Big Dust Pan

SKU: 601971
UPC: 00071736002385
The wide 12" scoop, holds more dirt. It is made of a non-breakable polypropylene. The dustpan snaps onto broom handle for convenient storage.

Libman High Power 18.13 In. Gray Poly Industrial Grade Dust Pan

SKU: 600465
UPC: 00071736005812
Polypropylene molded dust pan. Withstands 530+ lb of pressure. 5.75 mm thick. 1.54 lb.

Libman 34 In. Telescopic Long Handled Outdoor Scoop

SKU: 635596
UPC: 00071736009292
Wide black polymer 21.75" scoop. Oversized, 5.75" deep well. Features 34" telescopic steel handle and convenient hanger tip.

Libman Upright Long Handled Dust Pan

SKU: 600272
UPC: 00071736021201
A high quality Libman dustpan with dirt removal teeth, attached to a handle for comfortable sweeping. No more bending or stooping needed to pick up dirt and debris. Convenient extra long handle for easy clean-ups.

Quickie 10.9 In. Almond Plastic Dust Pan

SKU: 601411
UPC: 00071798004099
Full size snap on dust pan has a 10 W. lip to hold large debris. Plastic construction will not rust or crack. Serrated edges on pan to clean brush fibers. convenient hang up hole for easy storage.

Quickie 11-1/2 In. Gray Plastic Dust Pan

SKU: 609675
UPC: 00071798004419
Large size dust pan with snap fit handle. All plastic construction will not rust or crack. Convenient hang up hole for easy storage.

Nexstep 30 In. Long Handled Dust Pan with Wheels

SKU: 641944
UPC: 00072627962085
Plastic dust pan with 30" aluminum handle eliminates bending. Wheels on back edge of dust pan for moving. Stands alone for easy sweep-up. Black.

Harper 12 In. Black Plastic Heavy Duty Professional Dust Pan

SKU: 620122
UPC: 00098991003056
1-piece pan with hang up hole. 4" handle. 12" wide.

Harper 16 In. Black Metal Heavy Duty Dust Pan

SKU: 611638
UPC: 00098991004954
Jumbo black metal dust pan. Rugged metal construction, 16" width and 9" handle. This dust pan will lay flat on floors for easy debris pickup from angle broom, corn broom, or push broom.

Impact LobbyMaster 37 In. Long Handled Dust Pan

SKU: 606480
UPC: 00729661164264
LobbyMaster dust pan with easy lock 2-way handle which locks in the upright position. Features and innovative foot rest, enhanced angled bottom, re-engineered yoke, pan, and feet. Includes broom cleaning teeth on yoke, increased tray capacity, and refined front edge. Replacement parts available.

Impact 12 In. Black Steel Heavy-Duty Dust Pan

SKU: 603244
UPC: 00729661175246
Heavy-duty dust pan ideal for industrial, institutional, and janitorial use. Features hang-up hole for convenient storage on a peg board or cart. Baked on black enamel finish protects the pan in all conditions. Constructed of 20-gauge steel. 12" W x 14" H.

Impact 12 In. Brown Plastic Dust Pan

SKU: 609366
UPC: 00729661183173
Dust pan with molded ridges for broom and counter brush cleaning. Features a fine line edge for maximum pickup.

Impact 31 In. Metal Long Handled Dust Pan

SKU: 603153
UPC: 00729661184958
Heavy-duty 22-gauge steel lobby dust pan with 31-inch handle. Features dust pan with baked-on black finish that resists scuffing and wear. Chrome-plated handle includes a hang-up hole for easy storage. Pan automatically closes when picked up off the floor to prevent loss of debris. Provides excellent durability, designed for industrial and janitorial use.
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