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LIQUID NAILS 28 Oz. VOC Drywall Construction Adhesive

SKU: 273901
UPC: 00022078024740
A specially formulated latex-based VOC adhesive for interior drywall installation and for correcting minor framing irregularities. Fast grab, bonds strong and buffers sound. Moisture-proof. Speeds up drywall installation. It reduces the need for fasteners up to 50%. Minimizes nail pops. Recommended for bonding drywall to: Galvanized steel, studding, ceiling systems, rafters, wood, foam, drywall and expanded insulation panels. Interior use only. Exceeds ASTM C-557. Meets GREENGUARD Gold standard as a low emitting material. Color: Off White. Coverage: 88 LFT using 1/4 In. bead.

OSI F38 28 Oz. Heavy Duty VOC Drywall And Panel Adhesive

SKU: 267058
UPC: 00028756975786
A high-quality, nonstaining, waterproof adhesive designed for bonding gypsum board to wood or metal studs. Provides sufficient open time for positioning panels and will allow up to 50% reduction time in the use of mechanical fasteners. No sag formula. Color: Tan. Coverage: Approximately 85.8 linear ft. with 1/4 In. bead. 28 Oz. cartridge.

OSI F38 28 Oz. Professional Grade VOC Drywall & Panel Adhesive

SKU: 276533
UPC: 00028756988496
Professional grade, latex-based construction adhesive designed for drywall and other panel applications. This nonflammable, low gassing adhesive can be used for all interior and in-plant construction use. Ultra-low VOC adhesive offers fast strength development and high shear strength, making it well suited for a variety of construction projects requiring high bond strength. Unique formula offers green builders a high-performance construction adhesive without sacrificing strength and performance. Engineered for use with most building materials. Meets Leed (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certifications. Coverage: 86 LFT using 1/4 In. bead.

Titebond PROvantage 28 Oz. Professional VOC Drywall Adhesive

SKU: 265756
UPC: 00037083053425
A high-performance, VOC compliant formula specifically designed for installing drywall and paneling to most common building materials, including wood and metal. Offers excellent adhesion, reduces nail pops, and provides a no sag installation. Fills gaps in substrates, providing a more solid backup surface and reducing sound transmission. Unaffected by moisture, resists aging, and will not become hard or brittle with age. Can not be used on foamboard. Extremely flammable. Clean up with acetone or mineral spirits. Coverage: 1/8 In. bead size covers 343 Ft., 1/4 In. bead size covers 86 Ft., 3/8 In. bead size covers 38 Ft.. 28 Oz. cartridge. Color: Light beige.

Titebond 28 Oz. Contractor VOC Grade Drywall Adhesive

SKU: 265292
UPC: 00037083072921
Specifically designed for installing drywall and paneling to most common building materials. It offers excellent adhesion, reduces nail pops and provides a "no sag" installation. Adhesive is a VOC (volatile organic compound) compliant formula containing no ozone depleting chemicals, making it safer for the environment. Unlike solvent-based adhesives, it is nonflammable, emits no harmful fumes and cleans up with water. Exceeds the performance requirements of the ASTM C557 Specification and meets NAHB (National Association of Home Builders) and LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Green Building Codes. Application temperature over 40 deg (degrees) for adhesive and substrates. Service temperature range 0-120 deg. Working time approximately 20 minutes. Clean with water while adhesive is wet. Coverage: 39 Ft. 3/8 In. bead, 89 Ft. 1/4 In. bead, 355 Ft. 1/8 In. bead.

DAP DYNAGRIP 28 Oz. VOC Drywall Construction Adhesive

SKU: 771834
UPC: 00070798275188
DAP DYNAGRIP DRYWALL construction adhesive is a premium grade adhesive specifically formulated for drywall installation. This VOC, instant grab adhesive prevents nail pops and helps limit air and sound movement between walls. DYNAGRIP DRYWALL is an easy to gun adhesive that delivers a strong permanent bond. Coverage Area: 86 LFT using 1/4 In. bead.
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