Cordless Carpet Sweepers

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Bissell Sturdy Sweep Manual Carpet & Floor Sweeper

SKU: 610431
UPC: 00011120002188
Durable steel construction. 5-brush system - picks up lint, crumbs, and dirt on forward and return motion with edge cleaning. Large capacity easy-to-empty twin dirt pans. 9 In. cleaning path. Can be used on all floor surfaces and the handle lies flat under furniture. Multi-functional with no cord to plug in or dust pan to deal with, the Perfect Sweep is always convenient to use. 10.5 In. W. x 43.25 In. H. x 9.5 In. D. Color: Blue. 3.5 Lb. 1 year warranty.

Bissell Sweep Up Cordless Carpet & Floor Sweeper

SKU: 603767
UPC: 00011120002225
Always ready to go. No cord, no broom, or dust pan to deal with. No refill cartridges needed. Easy-to-empty, large capacity dirt pan with no replacement pads. Convenient low profile handle lies flat under furniture. Quick pick-ups for all floor surfaces. Great for wood, tile, carpet, vinyl, and laminate floors. Powerful cleaning, Dirtlifter brush system picks up dirt, crumbs, pet hair, and more. Nonslip handle, brush comb, twin dirt pans, and 4 edge cleaning brushes. 1 year warranty. Dimensions: 11" W. x 7.75" D. x 42" H.

Bissell Natural Sweep Carpet & Floor Sweeper

SKU: 610422
UPC: 00011120008104
Convenient handle lies flat under furniture. Quiet operation, no motor, cords, or batteries. Auto height adjustment automatically adjusts to all floor surfaces - carpet to bare floor. Quick pick-ups, easy-to-empty large capacity twin dirt pans. No mess cleaning large capacity dirt cup. Great for quick pick-ups for busy households for wood, tile, carpet, vinyl, and laminate. 4 corner brushes for cleaning in corners and along edges. Dual rotating brushes (1 twisted, 1 tufted) rotate in opposite directions, lifts dirt in both the forward and return motion. 9-1/2 In. cleaning path. 9.5 In. W. x 43.25 In. H. x 10.5 In. D. Lifetime warranty. 3.5 Lb. Color: Silver/black.

Bissell SmartClean Multi-Surface Robotic Vacuum

SKU: 602869
UPC: 00011120234718
SmartClean Robotic Vacuum provides automatic effective cleaning whenever you want, all over your home. Triple-Action Cleaning System features dual spinning edge brushes, rotating brush roll to unseat and lift embedded hair and debris, and strong suction to gather loose dirt into the dust bin. Multi-surface adaptability recognizes multiple floor types including hard floors, low-pile carpet, laminates, and tile. Opticlean sensors find dirt and debris in heavily trafficked areas. Invisible Wall Technology keeps the vacuum in the rooms you want to clean. Schedule the vacuum to go over floors while you are away - returns on its own to the self-charging docking station when the cleaning is done or when the battery needs recharging. Includes: SmartClean Robot Vacuum, lithium-ion battery, docking station, power adapter, Invisible Wall (requires 4AA batteries - not included), edge cleaning brushes, and filter. 4 Lbs. 1 year warranty.

Swivel Sweeper Max Cordless Carpet & Floor Sweeper

SKU: 629822
UPC: 00735541108136
The Swivel Sweeper Max is powerful, swivels 360 degrees, cleans floors fast, is cordless and rechargable. Works on all floor types, and is ultra lightweight - 2 lbs (pounds). Includes Four Quad-Brush technology which picks up on all 4 sides. Removable bristles allow for quick and easy removal of tangles. 33% more power over previous versions. Includes: cordless swivel sweeper, 7.2V (volt) rechargable battery, and battery charger. As seen on TV.
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