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12.6 In. Polypropylene Bristle Handled Scrub Brush

SKU: 616249
UPC: 00009326601595
1-piece block and handle provides a comfortable finger grip and prevents hands from being dipped in water or cleaning solutions. Bristles are white in center and surrounded by blue bristles. Brush has a blue rubber grip handle.

White and Blue Dish and Sink Brush

SKU: 645613
UPC: 00009326601632
Brush has white stiff center bristles with softer blue bristles around the white ones and on top of the brush there are 2 rows of blue stiff bristles for cleaning hard-to-remove material. It scrapes and scrubs leftovers from dishes, pots, and pans. Brush has blue rubber grip handle with hanging hole.

14 In. PET Bristle Bottle Brush

SKU: 641898
UPC: 00009326601663
White PET bristles twisted in white coated wire. Flared bristles reach all areas to clean all shapes of containers. Brush has a blue rubber grip handle with hanging hole. 14-inch length.

PET White Bristle Percolator Brush

SKU: 641774
UPC: 00009326601694
Brush has white nylon twisted in white coated wire. This brush keeps coffee pots and percolators free of stains and discoloration. Brush has a blue rubber grip handle with hanging hole.

Brass Bristle Rubber Handle Stove Brush

SKU: 630491
UPC: 00009326604282
Easily cleans stove tops and grills. Brush has crimped brass wire bristles. Brush has a blue rubber grip handle with hanging hole.

Polypropylene Bristle Vegetable Brush

SKU: 630500
UPC: 00009326604299
Brush has white and blue polypropylene twisted in white wire. Brush has a blue rubber grip handle with hanging hole. This brush makes cleaning vegetables easier.

Plastic & Rubber Tile & Grout Brush

SKU: 631442
UPC: 00009326604312
Brush has white and blue bristles, fill; 3/8" trim. Easily cleans tight corners. Brush has a blue rubber grip handle with hanging hole.

Smart Savers 6-1/2 In. Plastic Bristle Flexible Scrub Brush

SKU: 612377
UPC: 00009326605036
Smart Savers flexible scrub brush. 6-1/2 inches long with durable plastic bristles. Available in assorted colors. Cannot specify color.

Smart Savers Blue Plastic Bristle Scrub Brush Set (4-Piece)

SKU: 607105
UPC: 00009326605739
Smart Savers 4 piece scrub brush set for dishes and sinks. Brushes can be used for other cleaning purposes as well.

6-3/16 In. Polypropylene Bristle Curved Scrub Brush

SKU: 601852
UPC: 00009326606170
Curved with blue rubber edges for easy grip. Stiff white and blue polypropylene bristles. Hanging hole.

11-1/8 In. Polypropylene Bristle Utility Scrub Brush

SKU: 601855
UPC: 00009326606187
Textured blue rubber grip handle. Soft blue and white polypropylene bristles.

13-7/8 In. Polypropylene Bristle Bottle Brush

SKU: 601870
UPC: 00009326606194
Bottle brush with blue foam head and polypropylene bristles. Features a contoured rubber handle for easy grip.

Do it Best Whisk Brush

SKU: 601878
UPC: 00009326606217
Blue foam head, contoured handle with rubber grip.

Best Look Nylon Bristle Mini Tile & Grout Brush (3-Pack)

SKU: 773735
UPC: 00009326789378
Use for most household cleaning tasks and hard to reach corners. Nylon bristles will not scratch most surfaces and resist most common paint thinners. Clean tile, grouting around tubs, sinks & windows. 7-3/4 In. offset polypropylene handles protect hands from work surface. 1/2 In. bristles.

Smart Savers 28 cm Polypropylene Bristle Bottle Brush

SKU: 800910
UPC: 00009326803388
Smart Savers bottle brush. 28 centimeters long with durable polypropylene bristles. Available in assorted colors including yellow, red, and blue. Cannot specify color.

3M Scotch-Brite Pot, Pan & Dish Brush

SKU: 602550
UPC: 00021200517617
Scotch-Brite pot, pan, and dish brush has long lasting dual bristles for multiple cleaning tasks. Perfect for cleaning pots and pans. Keeps your hands out of the mess. Handle length 9 In. Overall dimensions: 2 In. W. x 12 In. L. Hang hole. 4.75 In. rubber grip. Firm top bristles 1/4 In. long. Brush bristles 0.75 In. long.

3M Scotch-Brite Utility Scrub Brush

SKU: 602961
UPC: 00021200517624
3M Scotch-Brite Utility Scrub Brush is small and versatile with strong bristles for deep cleaning. Makes cleaning easier and keeps hands out of the mess. Comfort grip handle. Hang hole.

3M Scotch-Brite Glass/Bottle Brush

SKU: 602603
UPC: 00051141234809
Scotch-Brite glass brush has a long handle and the long lasting bottle brush bristles easily reach the bottom of most glassware. Keep your hands out of the mess. Soft comfort grip. 9.45 In. handle length. 4.75 In. rubber grip. Bristle dimensions: 1 In. H. x 3.25 In. L. x 2.5 In. Dia. Hang hole.

3M Scotch-Brite Little Handy Scrub Brush

SKU: 602876
UPC: 00051141928012
Scotch-Brite Little Handy Scrub Brush makes cleaning easier and keeps hands out of the mess. 4 In. comfort grip handle. 0.75 In. scraper. Lightweight. Hang hole.

ProClean 28 In. Appliance Coil Brush

SKU: 260545
UPC: 00060672150038
Ideal for cleaning under, in-between, and around household appliances. Brush also easily removes lint trapped deep inside the clothes dryer lint trap cavity. Tapered design is also effective for cleaning refrigerator coils. Comfortable wooden handle with 12" x 2" tapered bristles.

Libman Natural Tampico Fibers Vegetable Brush

SKU: 601872
UPC: 00071736000367
Tough, yet soft fibers for cleaning delicate foods and dishes. It picks up fine dust, provides a gentle scrub when wet and is stiff in dry applications. Ergonomic rubber grip won't slip when wet. Hanger hole for convenient storage.

Libman Scraper/Scrub Brush

SKU: 602727
UPC: 00071736005102
65 tufts of staple-set polymer fibers are not flagged to withstand heavier debris and varied surfaces. 2.5 In. scraper for tough cleaning and removing stuck-on debris. Resin block is shaped and grooved for easy gripping. Overall dimensions: 2.5 In. W. x 7.5 In. L. Hanger hole for easy storage.

Libman Dual Surface Scrub Brush Head

SKU: 602720
UPC: 00071736005164
Dual surface stiff fiber brush head has unflagged fibers to loosen and remove the toughest dirt and debris. Threaded hole. Handle not included.

Libman Tampico Scraper/Scrub Brush

SKU: 602754
UPC: 00071736005232
Soft, natural Tampico fibers for more delicate messes. Picks up fine dust, provides a gentle scrub when wet, and is stiff in dry applications. 2.5 In. scraper edge to remove stuck on messes. 7.5 In. handle with ergonomic rubber grip will not slip when wet. Hang hole.

Libman Short Handle Scraper/Scrub Brush

SKU: 602762
UPC: 00071736005249
68 tufts of 2 In. long stapled polymer fibers for flexible cleaning of dishes, pots and pans, upholstery, vinyl, toilets, sinks, toys, tools, and many more surfaces. 2.5 In. W. scraper edge for tough cleaning and to remove stuck-on debris. 7.5 In. ergonomic rubber grip handle with hanger hole for powerful maneuvering and easy storing.
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