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Best Look 5-In-1 Paint Brush & Roller Cleaner

SKU: 791649
UPC: 00009326787251
The 5-in-1 Brush Comb helps keep brushes and rollers in top shape for long lasting performance. The stainless steel teeth, standard roller and mini roller cleaners help remove and clean paint from brushes and rollers. The tool can also be used to open paint cans and the silicon squeegee cleans the rim of the can. The cleaner is made of engineered plastic for longevity and durability.

Shur-Line Spinning Paint Brush and Roller Cleaner

SKU: 790478
UPC: 00022384052000
Uses a high speed spinning action to cut brush and roller cleaning time dramatically. Steel construction with double ball bearings give this tool the durability to withstand daily use over many years.

Wooster Painter's Comb Paint Brush Cleaner

SKU: 772265
UPC: 00071497184016
2-sided Wooster Painter's Comb is most effective for cleaning paint off brushes immediately after painting. 30 tufts of non-rusting brass bristles break down thick paint residue, and can also clean the handle and ferrule without scratching. The comb side has 10 stainless steel pins for separating bristles to thoroughly clean out the brush heel and reshape the brush after cleaning to keep a sharp edge. Durable polypropylene handle. 1 In. W. x 3-1/4 In. L. block. 1 In. trim. 8 In. overall length.

Hyde Quickly Clean Paint Brush & Roller Cleaner Glove

SKU: 771315
UPC: 00079423442506
Clean hands and tools without harsh chemicals or scouring pads. Wet the glove and wear on one hand to finish clean up fast with nothing but water. Removes latex and oil-based paint from brushes, rollers, paint trays, and hands. Can also be used to remove caulk and permanent marker, to remove algae from siding and outdoor furniture, to remove tar from car parts, and cleaning soap scum from showers and fixtures. Machine washable and dryer safe. Rinse, store and reuse. Ideal for painters, mechanics and hobbyists.

Hyde Black & Silver Stainless Steel Brush & Roller Cleaner

SKU: 788556
UPC: 00079423459603
Clean brushes and rollers to keep in good condition with this handy tool. The stainless steel teeth, built into contoured roller cover cleaner, prove to be the professional's choice.

Purdy Paint Brush & Roller Cleaner Comb

SKU: 778634
UPC: 00716341006501
A valuable tool for effective cleaning of all paints from the heel of the brush. Helps continue top performance from the brush and prolongs its useful lifespan.
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