Battery Maintenance Supplies

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Plews Lubrimatic 6 Oz. 6 In. Battery Filler

SKU: 576120
UPC: 00028893750338
Ideal for all fluids including battery acid. 6 oz. rubber unbreakable bulb remains pliable in cold weather. 6" filler spout. Packaged in bag with hang tab hole.

Custom Accessories All-metal Battery Brush

SKU: 576665
UPC: 00077341455523
All-metal. Single turn cleans both posts and terminals. Chrome-plated housing. Stainless steel brush.

Permatex 5.75 Oz Aerosol Battery Cleaner

SKU: 571881
UPC: 00686226803696
Permatex . Spray it on and wash corrosion off. Works in just 3 minutes. Suggested applications : Automotive, marine, farm machinery, and motorcycle batteries. 5.75 oz. net weight. Aerosol.

Permatex 5 Oz Aerosol Battery Protector & Sealer

SKU: 571504
UPC: 00686226803702
Permatex . Stops terminal corrosion and increases battery life. Spray on battery terminals, in or out of storage. Aerosol.
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