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Do it Coastmaster Ballcock Repair Kit & Parts

SKU: 400300
UPC: 00009326400846
Do it ball cock repair kit. Repairs new Coastmaster-Sears 3 screw ball cock. Do it carded.

Do it Black Rubber Ballcock Shank Washer

SKU: 413813
UPC: 00009326401553
Do it ballcock shank washer. Beveled. Universal fit. Do it carded.

Do it 7/8 In. Plastic Ballcock Coupling Nut

SKU: 413895
UPC: 00009326401577
7/8" Do it plastic ball cock coupling nut. Wing nut style. Includes rubber cone washer and brass friction ring for use with plain end supply tube. Do it carded.

Do it 12 In. Plastic Anti-Siphon Tank Repair Kit

SKU: 420690
UPC: 00009326403977
Includes 12" anti-siphon plastic ballcock, float rod, refill tube, flapper, float ball, and flush lever. Do it carded.

Do it 12 In. Plastic Anti-Siphon Tank Repair Kit, Flush Lever not Included

SKU: 426961
UPC: 00009326404332
Includes 12" anti-siphon plastic ball cock, float rod, refill tube, flapper and float ball. Do it carded.

Do it 12 In. Plastic Anti-Siphon Ballcock

SKU: 436429
UPC: 00009326406282
Do it anti-siphon toilet tank ballcock. For tanks 12" or higher. Water saver. Noncorrosive construction. Includes refill tube, coupling nut, and washer. Do it carded.

Do it 8-1/2 In. Plastic Ballcock

SKU: 498890
UPC: 00009326416953
8-1/2" plastic valve. Includes float rod and refill tube. Carded.

Do it 9-1/2 In. to 13-1/2 In. Plastic Ballcock

SKU: 445762
UPC: 00009326419336
Toilet repair kit adjustable floatless ballcock. Do it carded.

Sloan Ballcock Repair Kit & Parts

SKU: 420301
UPC: 00026607102633
Sloan closet repair kit, 4.5 GPF (gallons per flush). Included in package is diaphram, guide, relief valve and disc. Trade number A-36-A

Fluidmaster Refill Tube and Clip

SKU: 417392
UPC: 00039961000057
The Fluidmaster 218 Toilet Refill Tube and Adapter Clip is a quick and simple way to restore your toilet fill valves performance. This replacement toilet refill tube and angle adapter clip is a genuine replacement part for the Fluidmaster 400A toilet fill valve, and works with most other valves as well. An easy way to solve common toilet fill problems without purchasing a new toilet fill valve or other parts. Quickly replace corroded or faulty toilet refill parts that waste water and lower performance. This model comes with a 1 year warranty and features high quality construction from durable rubber and plastic materials. Fluidmaster's 218 Toilet Refill Tube and Clip is a proven solution to restore fill valve performance.

Fluidmaster Flush Valve Repair Ballcock Kit & Parts

SKU: 434442
UPC: 00039961026026
The Fluidmaster 2602 Sealant Ring is specifically built to fit Fluidmaster's 555C Flush Valve Repair Kit. Offering a simple solution for problem toilet flush valve and tank to bowl leaks. Built to restore you toilet flush valve performance by sealing leaks, without having to purchase a new toilet flush valve. Durable featuring quality rubber build and strong sealant for a long lifespan with a 1 year warranty. Use to replace and repair corroded flush valve seats.

Fluidmaster Ballcock Universal Complete Repair Kit

SKU: 490881
UPC: 00039961341365
The Fluidmaster 400AKRP10 Universal Complete Toilet Repair Kit includes the 400A Fill Valve, 507A Flush Valve, 502 Flapper, 681 Lever, gasket and hardware. Featuring the #1 solution to fix noisy toilets, the 400A toilet fill valve. A code approved anti-siphon design trusted by toilet manufacturers and professionals worldwide. The water-saving toilet flapper fits 2" flush valves and features an adjustable dial for a custom flush. Just turn the dial for more or less water depending on your needs. Also including a clean chrome tank lever which bends and trims to fit more tanks. The bolts and gasket, feature a universal gasket to fit most close coupled toilets and solid brass bolts for securing the tank to bowl. This universal design toilet tank repair kit offers quick and easy installation to quickly solve most common toilet problems and improve your overall toilet performance. Replaces most brands/models, including American Standard , Eljer, and Kohler. Best for 1.6, or 3.5 gallons per flush toilets with 2" flush valves.

Fluidmaster Toilet Repair Kit

SKU: 411396
UPC: 00039961402707
The Fluidmaster Fill Valve and Flapper Kit includes the 400A Fill Valve, and 501 Flapper. Replace a leaky flapper and a damaged fill valve in one kit. This universal design repair kit will fit most 2" flush valve toilets in one easy to install model. Featuring the top selling toilet fill valve worldwide, the 400A. A code approved anti-siphon fill valve, with EZ-twist adjustable height from 9" to 14" to fit more tanks. Also, including the 501 Solid Frame Flapper for a secure seal with every flush. Built durable from chlorine resistant materials with built-in Microban technology for long lasting use. Microban is specifically built into the flapper to fight breakdown and combat bacteria. Solve common toilet problem fast, with this trusted and proven Fluidmaster Fill Valve and Flapper Toilet Repair Kit. Best for older 3.5+ gallons per flush toilets with 2" flush valves.

Fluidmaster Leak Sentry Universal Ballcock Toilet Repair Kit

SKU: 477044
UPC: 00039961415080
Fix noisy toilets and stop leaks with this easy to install universal toilet fill valve. The Fluidmaster 400LSRP4 Leak Sentry Universal Water Saving Toilet Fill Valve has all the same benefits of the 400A fill valve, plus it comes with leak prevention technology and a water-saving roller clamp. Leak prevention technology stops the automatic refill of the toilet tank due to a worn or faulty flapper. The included roller clamp allows you to regulate the amount of water refilling the toilet bowl for maximum efficiency. Quickly replace inefficient, outdated and leaky toilet fill valves with this water-saving design. Installation is simple and the EZ-twist height adjusts from 9" to 14" to fit most tanks. The 400LS is a code approved, anti-siphon design, that won't contaminate the fresh water supply. Recommended for 3.5 to 7 GPF toilets pre-1994.

Mansfield Anti-Siphon Ballcock Repair Kit for Models 08 and 88

SKU: 417748
UPC: 00046587000286
Valve repair kit for all 08 and 88 ballcocks. Includes one upper and one lower diaphragm.

Korky Complete Universal Toilet Repair Kit

SKU: 436594
UPC: 00049057104866
The Korky Complete Toilet Repair Kit allows for a full overhaul of your toilet in one trip and is designed to fix no/slow refilling, running, and noisy toilets. The complete kit includes a fill valve, flush valve, flapper, and tank-to-bowl hardware. The Korky QuietFILL Toilet Fill Valve is quieter than other fill valves. It has a universal design to fit all brands and features a wide range of adjustability to fit most toilets. Also included is an Easy Adjust 2 inch flush valve that's fully adjustable, no hack-saw required. The flapper is made from exclusive longest lasting red rubber that resists chlorine, bacteria, city water treatment, hard water, and well water. Easy to install.

Lasco Black Rubber Ballcock Shank Washer

SKU: 402409
UPC: 00052151020772
Beveled rubber ballcock shank washer. 7/8" ID x 1-11/16" OD x 7/16" thick. Seats ballcock to inside of toilet tank. Fits most ballcock shanks.

Lasco 5/8 In. x 1/2 In. Plastic Ballcock Coupling Nut

SKU: 402439
UPC: 00052151030108
Includes cone, washer, and brass ring. For fill valve water supply connection. For old style lines. Fits most.

Lasco Ballcock Repair Kit for American Standard

SKU: 402211
UPC: 00052151040114
Ballcock repair kit with O-ring for plunger and seal for American Standard. Rubber washers and gaskets, O-ring and seal.

Lasco Ballcock Repair Kit for Coast Brand 1B1

SKU: 402195
UPC: 00052151040138
Kit with plunger, washers, and 3 screws for Coast brand 1B1.

Lasco Ballcock Repair Top Cap Assembly for Coast 1B1

SKU: 402199
UPC: 00052151040251
Top cap assembly for Coast 1B1, fill valve with screws. Rubber washers and gaskets.

Lasco Ballcock Repair Kit with Plunger, Seal and Seat for American Standard

SKU: 402215
UPC: 00052151040282
Kit with plunger, seal, and seat for American Standard. Rubber washers and gaskets, seal and seat.

Lasco 5/8 In. Plastic Ballcock Coupling Nut Kit

SKU: 402441
UPC: 00052151070418
Plastic ballcock jam nut and W-30 ballcock shank washer. Used to install ballcock. Fits most.

Lasco 12 In. Plastic Anti-Siphon Ballcock

SKU: 402153
UPC: 00052151077820
Plastic 12" anti-siphon ballcock with float rod, refill tube and supply nut. Lets water into fill tank when you flush. Fits most 2-piece toilets.

Lasco 12 In. Plastic Anti-Siphon Ballcock Kit

SKU: 402156
UPC: 00052151077844
Includes fill valve, flapper, refill tube, float rod and supply nut. Lets water into fill tank when you flush. Fits most 2-piece toilets.
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