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Quest Quick Cool 14 Oz. R-134a Refrigerant

SKU: 570834
UPC: 00047876003063
The easy way to tune up your air conditioner system without additional tools. It contains 12 oz. of 134a refrigerant, 2 oz. of PAG oil to lubricate and quiet noisy compressors. Stop leak to prevent refrigerant leakage and O-ring conditioner to improve durability. The easy-to-use recharge hose also contains a safety valve to prevent refrigerant from venting. Patented quick-couple fitting.

Quest R-134a with PAG Oil Air Conditioner Recharge Kit

SKU: 570923
UPC: 00047876003100
Contains 2 oz. of 134a refrigerant and 2 oz. ISO 100 viscosity PAG oil, plus conditioners that penetrate and rejuvenate O-rings, gaskets, and other rubber connectors to improve durability. A universal oil charge. With the Acme threaded top, the recharge hose is needed to use the can.

A/C Pro R-134a Recharge Hose Adapter

SKU: 570206
UPC: 00048168025213
Auto air conditioning recharge hose adapter allows use of older piercing-style recharge hoses with R-134a cans. For use only on R-134a cans with self-sealing valves. Water hose for self-sealing cans will not pierce older style cans. No tools required.

Quest Sub-Zero 19 Oz. R-134a Synthetic Refrigerant

SKU: 571303
UPC: 00048168450268
Quest Sub-Zero Synthetic refrigerant improves the air conditioner's cooling performance up to 18%. It prevents oxidation and sludge build-up, extends the life of the compressor and reduces engine drag for better gas mileage. It may be used in any auto air conditioner and is compatible with either PAG or POE lubricates.

Quest 4 Oz. R-134a Refrigerant with Stop Leak & Detector

SKU: 570929
UPC: 00048168452484
Contains PAG oil and 134a refrigerant, plus conditioners and sealers that prevent leakage and improve durability. A red dye is included to mark larger leaks that may need manual repair. With the Acme threaded top, the recharge hose is needed to use the can.

Quest R-134a Recharge Hose

SKU: 571040
UPC: 00048168453092
For auto air conditioners. Connects an R-134a can to the low side service port. Patented thermoplastic can-tap valve with metal threads, metal handle, and a stainless steel piercing pin. Quick-connect is thermoplastic with stainless steel ball bearings.
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